Go E-A-G-L-E-S lol! Philadelphia. I have been in Philly since I was about six or seven years old. I am originally from Camden, New Jersey and my mom moved me and my brother here a looonnggg time ago. I really do love Philly I feel like this city has a lot of love, talent and strong people. I do feel that Philly is extremely underrated. Like I don’t know who made New York like the place to be because Philly is not as publicized or recognized. I really want to represent for my city and show how poppin we are. How our style, swag, vernacular, and ways are so influential and unique to us. In this segment of the site, I want to showcase Philly celebs, fashion week, and just any Philadelphian that has swag. I want to give them a platform so they can be celebrated and seen.

I really love Philly because we have such a laid-back style and we accessorize it with high-end brands or big names to give our look that extra pop. It’s so unique to us and New York has a great swag but don’t sleep on Philly. We be giving looks just keep an eye on us! I also wanna thank all the people who contributed to this page and allowed me to use their likeness. Hope y’all like it and I really want to add more and more as time passes.