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February 25th, 2018 – My advice for today is to choose happiness. What do you do when something bad happens to you? Do you cry? Get angry? Try to get over it but it’s still replaying in your mind? Or do you make the best out of every situation? Now, I am not saying those moments of moping around is unhealthy because sometimes some things are so painful that we have to wallow and mope for a bit. But, when these bad or mean things do happen to us we have to choose happiness. I can recall being hurt by someone who I thought was my friend. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I felt betrayed, hurt, and very upset. I couldn’t believe that person would do me like that. I didn’t know how to deal with it and I honestly hadn’t gotten over it even though it happened months prior. I hadn’t really addressed it until I talked to two of my closest friends and my mom. The crazy thing is both my friends and my mom said the same thing! They said “Noah, if they don’t want to be your friend it’s their loss. You are a kind, genuine, supportive person and if they can’t see that then forget them and move on”. So, that’s what I am doing. I had to let go of the hurt and the people who overlooked and ignored me. I had to realize how great of a person I am and I can’t let the few people who don’t like me affect the fact that sooooooooooooooo many people do like me. So don’t worry about those people who don’t like you, aren’t fans of you and don’t want to see you win. Because for every one of those people there are twice as many people who do love you, are your biggest fans and love seeing you win. So don’t sweat it. You are awesome. You’re destined for greatness. Out of all the embroyos, you were the one that made it to life. It is a gross analogy I know but it’s true. I don’t know who you believe in, but whoever created you only made ONE YOU. That creator had one, specific purpose for you and only you. So no one can steal your dream and you will never have to compete because what is for you is FOR YOU. I really want to credit Valencia D. Clay because I learned that from watching one of her Instagram videos. She is an elementary school teacher who is a real TEACHER. She tells her students that they can do anything, be anything and read anything if they put their minds to it. In conclusion, choose happiness. I hope I could put a smile on your face and make you feel some type of hope that everything will be okay if you’re reading this.

February 27th, 2018 – Hey ya’ll! So today I am a tad sick because I kind of got a sore throat and I took some Theraflu so I am mad sleepy! But enough about me today I want to talk about not being sure where you are going in life. I feel like as people, especially young people, we always want to know what is next, what are we going to do in life, how will we affect the world, what is our purpose? These are questions that we, including myself, ask ourselves daily because we always want to make sure we are on the right path and making the right moves. I just want to know I see you! You are doing great things and don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what your purpose might be or what you are meant to do. The world has a way of showing you what you are meant to do anyway. I call it divine intervention. No matter what your purpose will come. Just be diligent and persistent. Don’t ever stop applying pressure and give it your all in all situations that you are involved in. Your work is paying off! You are making progress! Stop comparing your growth to someone else because your path is completely different from another person. You will never know their personal struggles, adversities and pain so you can not compare your growth to theirs. You are just at your own pace. So, keep going to school or going to your job because that big dream we all reach for requires work and perseverance. It will happen. You can do this!

March 6th, 2018 – Love. This emotion really moves the world. Self-love. Loving our friends and family. Showing love to our fellow people and neighbors. This world is ran on love. My advice to you guys today is to keep showing and giving your love. This world gets so much better when you put positivity into it. Now, I completely understand that not everyone is happy and people are bitter, disgruntled and unhappy. However, you do not have to give back negativity to someone. But, you also don’t have to give all of you to someone who doesn’t appreciate it. So I would say be selective with the people you share your love with. The unfortunate thing is some people have to be loved from afar because that person might not be receptive or considerate of the love you give. Just remember God sees all the love you give, the hard work you demonstrate and the effort you put in. He notices it all so don’t worry. I want you to know if no one has told you today I just want you to know I love you. You matter. I’m glad you’re here. Don’t give up. I’m glad you’re alive. You’re so strong. You are a tough person. Stay strong and stay resilient. Trust me no dream is too big and keep striving for more. You can have the world. We are the next generation so let’s add to the advancement of not only our country, but our world. 

August 31st, 2018 – My advice today is to just be. Allow things to happen as they should. So many times I would try to control every aspect of my life. I had to realize that there are only so many things that I can control. I have to loosen my grip and realize that as long as I keep putting out positive, genuine energy that it will come back around to me. So, I ask you to allow things to happen. Don’t overstress, if things are meant to happen trust me they will happen!