My current obsession is Kash Doll. I love her. I think she’s beautiful, an excellent rapper, and has a great fashion sense. I notice that she is a big trendsetter because a lot of hairstyles she has wore, other women wear. I like that she has a certain type of swag. She has great bars and I can’t wait until March 14th because that is when she drops a full project. I can’t wait and I know she is going to have bangers. I know that it is only a matter of time before she is known by the masses. I can’t wait!

Below are links for some of my fave songs by her:

Pro$ Remix (feat. Kash Doll) 


For Everybody

La’Britney ft. Kash Doll – Actin’ Funny


My current obsession is the rapper Saweetie. Saweetie came on the scene with the song “Icy Girl”. It remixes Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” beat and the way she rides the beat is only how a Bay Area artist would. She reminds me of Kehlani with her easy-going style and personality. She is so beautiful. She is not only beautiful but very smart. She transferred from San Diego State and graduated from USC. She studied communications and specialized in business. So be on alert because she is coming for y’all! Get ready! I also included my fave songs by her. She has a lot of potential.





My current obsession is Safaree. Now, Safaree really broke the internet with his whole “tape” stunt, but when I listen to his music it actually be dumping sometimes lol. Like for example my friend Reem put me on to his new song “Hunnid”. The song actually bops and he got a little dance to go with it lol I cannottt. The thing about Safaree is he can be mad cornyyyy!!!However, he can also come across as very funny and charismatic which he is. Even through everything he still maintains his confidence and I got to respect him for that. 



My current obsession is Tory Lanez. I remember the exact moment I was introduced to Tory. My mom actually put me on. She was listening to his song “Say It” at the time and she told me, “Noah I know this song like I have heard it before”. The song’s chorus is actually sampled by the group Brownstone and their song “If You Love Me”. When I heard it I loved the song and I loved the musical direction Tory took on the track. I did some research on him and he is from Canada. His father is Barbadian (Shout to BadgalRiri lol) and his mother is actually Curacaoan (which is a small island in the southern Caribbean Sea). His name is actually Daystar which I think is a pretty cool name. His name has a pretty dope origin. His friends would say he is a thrill-seeker and he would always be playing out in the streets or in the “lanes”. He also had an affinity for the late-great Rapper Notorious B.I.G., so he just shortened the Notorious to simply “Tory”. I love it lol. He reps for Canada and the Caribbean. He’s super fly and he has an awesome voice. He’s an excellent writer and a great singer/rapper as well. These are some of my favorite tracks by him. Also, check out his recent album Memories Don’t Die. Too tough. 






My current obsession is the fashion model/actor Luka Sabbat. His fashion sense is killer. The looks are so high end yet so effortless. He gives name-brand fashion but there is never an element of gaudiness. He always looks comfortable and relaxed. I really love that and hope my fashion could be that. He has a really lit swag and he also stars in Freeform’s grownish with Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Chloe x Halle and many other talented actors and actresses. Here are some of my favorite looks from Luka. 

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Not in Europe.

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Brick city

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My current obsession is King “Christian” Combs. If you can’t tell by the waves, nose or eyes he is Diddy’s son. King has been in the limelight due to his newfound interest in music and him walking in many fashion shows like when he walked in the Phillip Plein fashion show a while ago. King has a great fashion sense and the confidence to go with it, which is deflee inherited from Diddy. He actually has really dope songs and he has the ability to be a great rapper. His Instagram really gives me inspiration though because he has this “millennial Diddy” swag that is just undeniable. These are some of my favorite looks by him. I will also include his songs that I really like. 



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Keep my baby swaggie too

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Water 💦 .

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My current obsession is Jerrika Karlae. She is best known for being romantically linked to rapper Young Thug. However, Jerrika is a working woman on her own. She has a fur line with a friend of hers called Furgos. A line of faux furs that are very fashionable and affordable. She also models and even walked in the Phillip Plein show along with King Combs and Cordell Broadus. Jerrika is so trendy and fashion forward. She wears designer brands very well and she just exudes this natural knack for fashion. These are some of my favorite looks from her.

My current obsession is Justine Skye. She is so beautiful. I love her singing voice as well and her signature purple hair. I think really ignited girls to dye their hair colorful shades and not the conventional blonde, red or black. Justine has been on the music scene for quite some time and she started her journey in 2013 with her EP Everyday Living. This extended play inked her a deal with Atlantic Records. She later left Atlantic and signed over to Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s label, in 2016. Since then she has been making a lot of money moves including her recent work ULTRAVIOLET, that I love by the way. She also has a great fashion style and I love her skin it’s so perfect. I will include some of my fave looks and songs from Justine.

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My current obsession is Queen Radio. This is a radio station anchored by the rapper Nicki Minaj. I really enjoy Nicki’s personality and she has a natural knack for comedy. She does the show with DJ Boof, who is a great dj that plays all her hits and throwbacks. There will never be a dull moment on Queen Radio. She typically posts on her Instagram and Twitter when she will have Queen Radio. Last night, she called Jason Derulo, Tyga, Trina and Ariana Grande on Queen Radio. It was so funny because Nicki can be so nosy. I was reading some Instagram comments and one said, “Wendy Williams who?”. I was cracking up laughing. But, then I thought why not make this a regular thing. I mean I know she is continuing it, but I would love for her to not only be on Apple Music Radio but to be on the actual live radio. I would love to listen to her, her laugh is infectious, her topics range from industry drama to dating life, and DJ Boof has a great mix of her songs old and current. If you wanna check out Queen Radio, you can go to your Apple Music and type “Queen Radio”. She has 6 episodes released so far. Please tune in, you won’t regret it lol.

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Another one of my current obsessions is the Shake Shack Burger. OMG! As I am typing, I am beginning to feel hungry. I loveeee this Shake Shack Burger y’all. It can be pricy, but I am telling y’all that you will not regret it. Th brioche bun, fresh lettuce, light aioli, ripe tomatoes, perfectly melted cheese and the actual burger is incredible. So, if you have free time and some extra cash please go check out Shake Shack. You’re welcome lol.

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My next current obsession is the hit TV series Insecure starring and created by Issa Rae (who is so beautiful btw and Molly is really pretty too lol). This show centers around Issa (Issa Rae) as she tries to figure out her passions and love life in modern day Los Angeles. Issa has incredible comedic and dramatic talent. Her smile is infectious and you cannot help but to root for her. Issa works at a volunteer program “We Got Y’all” where she is the only black employee there. The show tackles so many themes like being a POC in the workplace, double standards, racism, open marriage, infidelity, and it is all surrounded with comedy and light hearted moments. The show also highlights Issa’s best friend Molly, who is a very likable and successful lawyer but struggles when it comes to her love life. I really don’t want to spill all of the deets, but it is truly an amazing show. I would advise all to watch because it is so well written and I feel captures black people in a light that I haven’t seen done before. The only show that I think captures black people just as well is Queen Sugar (because Ava DuVernay just has this way of making the black individual look incredible on screen and I just love it lol). But, I digress and you guys should really watch Insecure because it is a terrific show.

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Another one of my current obsessions is the writer and actor Lena Waithe. Lena won a Primetime Emmy Award for her excellent writing on the show Master of None. The famous “Thanksgiving” episode where the character Denise comes out to her mother. This was partially based on Lena’s experience on coming out to her own mother. I really admire how gracious she was to allow the show to use something so personal to her so it can bring visibility to the LGBTQ+ community. By the way, Lena is the first black woman to win the prestigious Emmy, and that is so refreshing to me. I also find it very sad how for so long we didn’t have a black women receive that accolade for their writing prowess. I am so glad and proud that Lena was able to receive it because she truly deserves it. Lena has worked on many familiar shows like: Bones, How to Rock, Dear White People, and her breakout hit, The Chi. Lena’s pen skills is just incredible to me and she also revealed in an interview that she is working with the comedic personality Kid Fury, who is a very funny podcaster from the well known podcast, The Read. By the way, please check out The Read if you want to just laugh and hear fresh, young and black perspectives on modern day America. But, back to Lena. She is just an amazing writer and I am going to include her Breakfast Club interview below because it really showcases her humility, work ethic and how she manages to still execute well written shows.

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A new obsession of mine would be the skin product UrbanSkinRx. This brand was created by medical esthetician and melanin expert, Rachel Roff. Ms. Roff created this brand because there was a lack of estheticians that knew how to treat people of color in the North Carolina area. The problem is that there were so many people of color that couldn’t be catered to because not many skin experts knew how to treat skin with melanin. Initally, Ms. Roff started a medical spa, in Charlotte, North Carolina that catered to POC. After that successful endeavor, Roff then decided to create a skincare line for her growing clientele. So, Ms. Roff created this brand, UrbanSkinRx, and it was very lowkey until singer Fantasia posted about UrbanSkinRx on her Instagram. Then it really began to pop! Teyana Taylor, Taraji P. Henson and model Eva Marcille began using and raving about UrbanSkinRx on their social media platforms. Since then the product has been a go to for many POC. My mom actually surprised me with it a couple of weeks ago and I was ecstatic. I saw so many reviews and demos and to actually have it felt amazing. So I have used it and I have never used a cleanser that didn’t completely dry my skin out. After I rinsed, it felt like my skin still contained moisture. I had a slight breakout this week due to stress and at first the product can break you out, but it is perfectly normal because the product is literally purging the toxins out of your skin. So, don’t worry your skin will definitely adjust. Also make sure you always moisturize and you can use a salicylic acid pad or glycolic acid pad to help treat and prevent breakouts. I got these OXY salicylic acid pads and so far I think they work well. So, in conclusion I would definitely recommend UrbanSkinRx. I would say give it 2 weeks and see your results. It really evens your tone, fights discoloration and doesn’t take all the moisture out of your skin.