A World Filled with Ambiguity

The current state of the world is filled with anxiety, stress and confusion, which is why I selected this photo in particular.


Good evening beautiful people! I have missed you all so much! I am not going to lie, I did not feel confident about posting during this time due to the many uncertainties within the world as of this year. Partially because of school, I have been absent due to my mental state being so clouded that I felt unable to write effectively. I love speaking with you all and a friend of mine inspired me to get back into the blog, because I felt very discouraged and drained by the world. I wish that I had the superpower to solve the world’s issues, but sadly I do not. This time of the year hurts because I hate to see people suffer and I am an empath to the core, so I feel all of the pain, depression, anxiety and grief. It is very difficult to get through this season, but I pray that this blogpost will be an escape into a different medium that can give you hope, light or a smile, if you haven’t already today.

COVID-19 UPDATE //UNITED STATES: 11,300,635+164,382 New Cases

U.S. DEATH RATE: 247,834+1,602 New Deaths

I wanted to include the data above to give everyone some insight on the current state of the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic. It may look dark, but trust me that we will get through this. The Influenza pandemic lasted around 2-3 years back in 1918, which goes to show that we as a people will survive this. It breaks my heart to see and hear about so many lost lives and those who have fallen ill. Prayer without works is a false deed, so we must keep one another safe, secure and accountable during this time, in addition to prayer and well wishes.


So, where do I even start? I have felt overwhelmed, tired, anxious, drained and over it since March. LOL. Seriously, just sick of it. I understand the importance of the quarantine period and how we are keeping each other healthy by practicing social distancing and good hygiene, but I do love to interact with my peers. However, if this is what it takes to help heal the people within this world, then it’s a deal. I must say the quarantine has taught me a lot of things about myself that I would not have discovered without it. For example, I have learned that I am a big snacker. Cheetos, Ramen noodle cups, taquitos, pretzels, chips, yogurt, jello, burgers, French fries, all of that. I also turn meals into snacks like who says you cannot turn a TGIF Fridays’ BBQ bites into a late night snack. This is one of my coping mechanisms y’all so please do not judge. But, this has been a tough time to live through and I have watched some great films and series.

I hope you like any of these above. Now onto the next section, which is dedicated to music lovers, whether it’s a vibe or party of one, you deserve a soundtrack.

Whew, so I hope you guys enjoy at least one of the tracks/links. I am a big R&B head so I should’ve prefaced it with that. The next section is for my readers. Below will be some book recommendations.

50 INDOOR ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS/ADULTS (COURTESY OF WHITE PICKET FARMHOUSE// https://www.whitepicketfarmhouse.com/50-activities-for-adults/

  1. Vacuum, Clean + Paint your baseboards
  2. Garden / Weed Eat / Mow your grass
  3. Turn on a movie and make popcorn with your favorite toppings
  4. Organize your linen closet
  5. Make a charcuterie board and play a game, we love Settlers.
  6. Bake something you’ve never made before.
  7. Find old decor, vases, candlesticks and spray paint them for a new look
  8. Organize/Purge your closet
  9. Give your appliances in your home a deep clean
  10. Learn a new hairstyle ( girls only ) I love beach waves with a flat iron
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Air out your entire home – windows open and turn up the music to boost your mood
  13. Learn an instrument ( If you have on in your home )
  14. Make Playdough. I swear it’s super therapeutic!
  15. Organize Apps on your phone and Delete unwanted pictures
  16. Take a relaxing bath with candles and epsom salts
  17. Order your favorite candy treat off Amazon + watch Frozen II
  18. Clean your porch and then bask in the rays
  19. Have a picnic In your yard
  20. Read a new book
  21. Paint your nails and toes
  22. Put a face mask on
  23. Make a capsule wardrobe for Spring
  24. Rearrange your furniture for a new look
  25. Have a Facetime/Skype date with your best buddies
  26. Make A Latte ( If you don’t have a frother, a blender works too )
  27. Start a Netflix series. I personally love: Grey’s Anatomy, Riverdale, The 100, You, Suits, Shadow Hunters
  28. Make a gallery wall with old prints + pictures
  29. Start a blog
  30. Organize your garage
  31. Meal plan
  32. Order food online ( so many local stores do food delivery, but also check into other sites online )
  33. Wash your windows inside and out.
  34. Clean your car
  35. Take a book and coffee out to your deck and read in “nature”
  36. Organize a trip for when the world is normal again
  37. Create a fort in your home with twinkle lights
  38. Organize toys and your junk drawers
  39. Plant a garden inside or out. You can order seeds online!
  40. Power wash your driveway
  41. Order dinner online and have a candlelit dinner with your significant other.
  42. Go on Tiktok ( I swear, hours of entertainment are awaiting you )
  43. Make your favourite warm drink, jump in the car and drive for an hour and blast your favourite music.
  44. Organize your fridge and pantry.
  45. Do yoga or pilates inside
  46. Paint a room in your home
  47. Paint a feature wall in your home with a sponge
  48. Take a mid afternoon nap
  49. Do a room refresh with items you already have
  50. Take an online course – photography, interior design etc.


This concludes this week’s blogpost and I hope that any of that above was able to give you some sort of joy or happiness. I love you all so much. If he’s not buying you a Birkin bag—let me stop. You all are amazing, wonderful, incredible beings who are put on this Earth for a specific reason. Despite Earth’s ghetto tendencies at the moment, we are meant to go through this even stronger than before we entered. We got this, I extend prayers, love, peace and joy onto you.

Words of Wisdom: Joy is the ultimate act of rebellion being in a Black body. By us simply smiling, we are breaking boundaries that were set for us since the beginning of colonization.

Last Notes: I was utterly terrified by the film “Megan is Missing”. Please do not watch the film by yourself, at night or while you may have heavy feelings because it is a very sorrowful film based on true events. So, please be safe with that one, because I watched it at night and I was petrified.


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