College Lewks



Hello beautiful human! I am so happy that you are back. On a question + answer post, I was asked about creating a blogpost on college fashion. So, here it is!


Well, let me first start by saying that fashion is unavoidable, because we all wear clothes, besides nudists who I am so envious of. Effortless chic LOL. But, whether it is pajamas, streetwear, formal wear, graphic Tees, or sweat suits, we all demonstrate our personal style through our attire. Fashion does not equate to expensive clothes. According to Merriam Webster, fashion is defined as “the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time”. We are in the 21st century, where many different styles are widely accepted across the world. So, that is why not many people would even bat an eye if you came into the college classroom wearing pajamas, because it has been normalized throughout modern society. This post is merely for inspiration purposes. I want you all to be able to be comfortable in your own skin and fashion should only enhance all of the awesomeness that you are imbued with. I am also aware that many people are not financially well-off to buy expensive clothing (including myself). But, we can all have great fashion without splurging or even spending a time. We all have a fashion sense, so it is important to embrace it fully and openly. Our unique styles are what make us US! Let’s begin!


These are just a few of looks that can be used for inspiration. I want all of you to see yourselves reflected in the media. Your looks, style and je ne sais quois are what makes you wonderfully and fearfully YOU! Please keep dressing to impress and forget the rest. Do not overthink it. Follow your gut feeling and intuition. Ignore the naysayers, but appreciate honest constructive criticism. You are an icon. Be who you want to be!

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