Life is Too Short


Hello my beautiful readers! I wanted to give you all some Monday night love LOL (That’s not a thing but we can make it into one LOL). I was thinking about if you all would like daily blog posts or weekly? I wanted to become more consistent in my life and I wasn’t sure if you guys would like more content? If that is the case, I would be more than happy to give you all some more posts! First and foremost, how are you feeling? How was your day? I really want you to ask yourself because I have learned that reflection is so helpful to assess emotions, thoughts and actions. It helps us to learn what went right and what we can improve upon. I learned that today I really need to release the pain of the past and accept the fact that I have to own everything that has happened in my life. We are not victims of our circumstances, but we are heroes of our own stories. Kobe, Gigi and the other passengers’ passing really weighed heavily on my heart for the past two days. I immediately made a covering prayer for their families and loved ones. I pray that the Lord provides refuge, healing and protection for their souls because that is incredibly devastating to lose a father and daughter. I also pray for anyone reading this that if you are trying to cope with a loss of a friend, family member or loved one, please know that you are not alone. Grief is a tough topic because it is so unique to all of us. We all deal with things differently so if you need a good cry, therapy session, or a phone-call with a relative or close friend, then please do that. Emotions are meant to flow freely throughout your body. Please allow yourself to feel those feelings. I still struggle with that to this day because some times the pain can be too overwhelming. If the emotion is too much then please give it to God. He will carry that burden for you, I promise He will. It is unfortunate that those lovely folks have passed away at the beginning of this new week. However, I look at their lives as testaments to not taking life for granted. I am thinking about the times that I have thought about taking my own life. The self abuse. The negative self talk and the self-hate. I forgive myself for being so selfish. For not realizing how significant my life was and that there would be people who would mourn for me. If you are reading this, your life has value beyond looks, wealth, fame, IG followers, retweets, material possessions, a relationship or lack of friends. You were born worthy as you are whether it be acne scars and cellulite or emotional scars and childhood trauma. We all are dealing with something in this lifetime and slowly but surely we find ways to combat triggers, fears and adversities. I know that this season may be difficult, but please have faith! I am glad that you are still standing. I am grateful that you have made it through. I am appreciative of how you continue to show up for yourself. You got this. The sexual abuse did not break you. The physical abuse did not break you. The emotional abuse did not break you. The verbal abuse did not break you. The addiction didn’t. The obstacles didn’t. The fear didn’t. You kept going even though you did not see the road ahead. That is bravery. That is courage. That is allowing yourself to be used by God himself in order to reach your greater purpose. Trust me, despite life’s detours you are destined for greatness – Angela Bassett. I will carry that quote with me for the rest of my life because it is so true. Despite the insecurities, fears, troubles, etc., your story ends in victory. You will finish this race victoriously! So, in conclusion, be a balance of selfish and selfless. It is okay to volunteer at the local soup kitchen, but it is also okay to eat a Cranberry Chicken & Walnut Wrap while bingeing YOU. (By the way, that was super specific but life imitates art LOL). I love you all so much. Please look in the mirror and remind yourself of what God spoke over you. Your beauty, grace and wisdom are extensions of who God is. You were created in HIS image and likeness. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You deserve exceedingly and abundantly in this lifetime and the next. Let go and let God. Please stay blessed my brothers, sisters and gender non-conforming readers. You are needed in this world and your existence is not an error. Keep being you. I love you. Now, I must practice what I preach so I am going to meditate early in the morning instead of falling into the Instagram wormhole. I tend to suffer from F.O.M.O. and I hate to be unaware of pop culture, but I am learning to start the day with intentions. If you are a more organized being, God bless you. God is still working on me but we are all His projects. Let’s make Him and ourselves proud by leading the best life we can possibly lead. I love you. God bless you all! As always, if you have any comments, suggestions and/or recommendations, please leave them below. Also you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

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I must admit, I am waiting to add my first Instagram photo. I want to do this right. Since I have cut my hair, I have been undergoing a lot of personal changes. I removed all of my photos from my feed because that Noah was full of life, energetic and loving, but he needed SELF PRESERVATION 101. He was constantly comparing himself to others whether it was because of clear skin, fashion sense or just observing another person’s beauty. However, seeing another person’s beauty is not the absence of your own. Please remind yourself that the beauty you see in Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are within you too. For all of my guys as well, it is okay to admit that you struggle with insecurities. Whether it be wanting the rock hard abs, defined jawline or loose curl hair, we all have things that we perceive as “flaws”. But, that could not be farther from the truth. We are human first and those “flaws” are actually very beautiful to other people. So please get out of your own head. I am a Sagittarius and we can be our worst enemy. Please do not vilify yourself because you are not a bad person. We all have the potential to be better than who we were yesterday. Let’s commit to make that an everyday mission. See you guys soon!

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