Daily Dose of Inspiration


Hey beautiful. You look great today. I commend you. You have made it so far yet you continue because you know that your future will be even brighter. I love you! I wanted to start this blogpost with statements of compassion because I want you all to feel awesome about yourselves. So far college has been a completely different journey but it has caused me to grow and adjust my behavior and traits so that I can further my self-discovery. Finding your purpose is not easy by any means, but I take it one day at a time and while I have this platform, I want to inspire others to follow your dreams fervently and persistently. Never give up on you. You are all that you have. The road may have speedbumps, but at the end of the day you got your Popeye’s chicken sandwich LOL. But, seriously, Angela Basset’s Black Girls Rock speech truly moves me every time I watch and she made such poignant remarks. One remark that stood out to me was “Never forget that despite life’s detours, you are destined for greatness.” That is so true. No matter what you are going through, you are destined for greatness. God’s plan for you is to give you exceedingly and abundantly in whatever you desire. Don’t give up. Keep striving for success. Celebrate every minute you have on this Earth because it is so precious. Give your all in all that you do. Create spaces for others so that they can showcase their talents as well. Never forget that your body will not change overnight. Those imperfections will never go away. Take time to love all that is you. I wish I learned that quicker, but I feel that everything aligns in a timely fashion. I urge you to watch Angela’s speech below. If you’re feeling down and out, or you feel good about you. I sure hope that this lifts your spirits. I love you. I appreciate you. You are worthy. You aren’t simply enough. You ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

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