You Are A Treasure


Good morning beautiful people! I have missed y’all so much and I hope you all are having an awesome Labor Day weekend. At my school, its’ pretty chill and a lot of things around here are closed today, but I thought that instead of wasting the day, I could offer a bit of service and solace to you all if you might need it. So, college is actually… do-able LOL. I am not going to lie, I came into college with enthusiasm and a teeny bit of anxiety because I wanted to do well, make my family proud and make my dreams turn into reality. I know that all of that will happen because I know the power of God and breathing life into the words I spew. I have to remind myself to be cognizant of the things I share and what I say or put out into the world because we as human beings are very impactful. I wanted to come to you guys and gals with some tips I have learned along this whole self-care journey. I must say that this journey is the most rewarding yet it can be incredibly lonely. Building yourself up is not a simple task especially when there are days where I do not see myself as beautiful, smart enough, funny or even interesting. I really don’t know the exact moment that I stopped liking who I was. I want to say maybe around 12 or 13 or 14, I began developing a negative perception of myself. I did not consider how we all go through the awkward stage, and I had trouble accepting the way I looked. I never felt like I was attractive or attention-worthy in school because girls never really spoke to me that way or at least to my knowledge, thought of me in that way. By that time, most of my peers already had romantic/sexual encounters and I had none. I felt as if there was something wrong with me because I was never in a relationship or even a short stint of “love”. I talked to God and I have a few conclusions as to why and I think He would agree. I didn’t love myself, so he didn’t allow an opportunity for me to love someone else. I thought I had an awesome personality. I could talk about the sun, the moon and the stars. But, I didn’t think it was a positive attribute at times because I tended to talk too much. I just always wanted to get my point across. I always wanted people to understand me. I felt so different all the time and I just wanted that moment where I say something and a person from the back of the classroom catches eyes with me and gleefully says, “Me too!”. That moment of understanding and compassion. I think we all want that. We can get caught up in our stuff that we forget how simple human interaction can remind us that we are going to be okay. Whenever I have an emotional/mental breakdown about acne, appearance, insecurity, school challenges, etc., I try to surround myself with people who love me. The people who love you do not care about the stretch marks, cellulite, eye-bags, pimples, ingrown hairs or the bonnet chronicles. They love you for you. They accept you as you are. I wonder why it’s so difficult to love ourselves the same way. In my high school theology class, my teacher would go through bible verses and I never really “read” this specific verse. I always heard “Love thy neighbor”, but as he would recite the verse I would learn that the verse is conditional. “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself!”. Isn’t that so powerful. I thought it was so poignant because this was the VERY second covenant that we were to make with God after choosing to follow him. He loves us so much that He wanted us to love ourselves as well. He was doing self love before it was trendy LOL. He knew that in this world we would face insecurities, doubts, anxieties, fears, etc. So, He gave us that condition that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. But, if we can’t love ourselves, how can we love someone else? Exactly. You can’t. I have tried and it doesn’t work. Trust me. I’ve googled. I’ve researched. I’ve examined. I’ve tried, but I CAN’T LOL. Loving yourself is an action that takes repetition and consistency. I believe it is the greatest lesson of life because if more people loved themselves, the world would be a much greater place. People would feel fulfilled and loved, so they would not feel the need to create destruction, chaos or discord. Sometimes, people just need that tight hug or that “I love you” text. You never know. You could be saving someone’s life with just that moment of compassion. Lastly, there is a YouTuber by the name of Adriana Moran. Her video on loving yourself is “SPOT ON!”. Her choice of words and execution of the topic is unmatched and I try to watch that video at LEAST once a week because it applies to so much in my life. I will attach the link below. So, whatever “imperfection” you feel you may have, I just wanted to remind you that it is beautiful and purposeful. God makes no mistakes. No errors. Every move is intentional and purposeful. I pray that you begin to find love in those things that you label as “gross”, “ugly” or “weird”. Embrace all that you are and I will do the same. I titled this blogpost “You Are A Treasure” because God labeled you as a treasure, a gift and a blessing before you were even a thought in your mother’s womb. He had a plan for you a longgg time ago. He always knew your name and he knew how significant you are. You got this! Trust me! Your future is so bright that you really are gonna need shades. I love you all so much and I pray that you continue to live your best life unapologetically and freely. Love you guys! Later.


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