First Day Out


Good afternoon beautiful people. Today marks my first official day at college and I am so excited. Yesterday I moved into my new dorm and it was such a positive experience. My family helped me a great deal getting me moved in and settled. I really appreciate them. We may get annoyed with them at times, but they come through for us when we need them most. Creating a new routine for myself is different, but it’s a good type of change. I am able to be selfish and be myself. For a long time, I denied myself the goodness of life. I have sometimes isolated myself for recuperation of self-esteem, confidence and self-concept. I wasn’t very secure in myself and I am still a work in progress, but I am getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. I would consider myself an extroverted person, but I believe I shelled myself up because it felt like I always had to be on guard. I am undoing those defensive behaviors in order to grow as a person. I love growth. I love spiritual growth and mental growth. Of course I love hair growth LOL. But, I love being a better version of Noah than I am today. I have met so many wonderful people here and they are all so nice. It feels like such a family and it has such an intimate setting so I’m excited to get started. By the way guys, please rent your books if you can. Being a college student can get really expensive so please keep budgets for yourself and pace yourself. Your no’s mean so much more than your yes so always be mindful of setting boundaries for yourself, but still be able to have fun when you need to because trust me you will need to. Give yourself breaks when you can. Don’t eat, breathe and live school, but do your very best in school. A classmate of mine said that, “College is post-secondary education meaning you chose to go to college, so this is an investment for your future”. I thought that was so spot on because that is truly what college is. In its’ most organic state, it is your investment to expand your life for whatever you choose. So go for it by all means. I promised you guys that I would blog even in college and I always keep my word. College… wow. I am really proud of myself and you guys should be too. In whatever what you are doing whether its school, job, career, or just looking for what you are passionate about. It is out there and you have everything that you need and by EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING. There is nothing that you lack that can deny access to your dreams. It is your dream for a reason. It belongs to you and it has your name on it. I pray you continue to go after your dreams no matter how big or small. One activity I would advise you all to do is write a list of “Things that if you didn’t do before you died, it would kill you”. No limitations. No caps. The God-honest truth with no logistics considered. What would kill you if you left this Earth without doing it? Find it. Plant your seed in that. You will be amazed at how much it grows. I love you all so much. Wish me luck in school. I will do my best and I pray you give it your all in everything you do. Give 100% in life so that you get 100% out of life. I love you guys. Stay blessed. Later.

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