Euphoria is defined as “a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.” This is a feeling that I think we all are searching for. The feeling of freedom, exhilaration, excitement, anticipation and complete and utter joy. As human beings, we strive for those euphoric moments in our lives because it softens the blow of the rough times life has to offer. Hey guys, it is the FashunFiend, back at it again with another post. This blogpost is going to discuss the series “Euphoria”, while also correlating the events in the series to the current climate of young adults in society. Okay, so a brief synopsis for anyone who may have not watched the series yet. The show centers a high school teen, Rue (Zendaya), who suffers from drug addiction, specifically pills, and recently was released from rehab due to a sever overdose. As Rue is in the car with her younger sister Gia (Storm Reid) and her mother Leslie (Nika King), she notices this pretty teenage girl riding a bike. This teenage girl is later revealed to be Jules (Hunter Schafer), a young trans woman who has a troubled past due to her parent’s divorce, coming to terms with her gender orientation and being committed to a psychiatric hospital at a young age due to her severe anxiety and depression. Rue soon befriends Jules at a high school party started by her classmate Nate (Jacob Elordi), who is a hypermasculine, narcissistic jock on the exterior, but internally he is confused about his sexuality. Nate is close friends with Christopher McKay (Algee Smith), who is currently a college student and met Nate through football. McKay begins to date high schooler Cassie Howard, who has an infamous sexual history. Cassie is Rue’s former best friend Lexi (Maude Apatow) younger sister. Lexi is friends with Kat (Barbie Ferreira), who suffers from body insecurities, self-esteem issues and disappointment from guys. Kat is also friends with Nate’s girlfriend, Maddy (Alexa Demie), who is very popular, confident and beautiful, but is in an abusive relationship with Nate. The big plot twist is Jules “hooked up” with Nate’s father, Cal (Eric Dane) , unbeknownst to her since she met him on a gay dating app. Okay! That was a LOT! But, I really wanted to paint the canvas for you guys so that you would know exactly who I was referring to when I mention character names. Okay, so Euphoria takes off the cloak of invisibility that adolescents deal with today. From sending nudes, drug use, sex, self esteem issues, abuse, pornography, violence, internal homophobia, statutory rape, anxiety and many more issues. Everyone’s human experience is valid, so even if their story isn’t necessarily your story, it is someone else’s. Besides, we all have faced some struggles in high school that are described in Euphoria. I was first notified about this show about last year. Zendaya is a very strong actor to me because her level of vulnerability, malleability and technique is incredible. The director (Sam Levinson), who is the inspiration of the character Rue, selected Zendaya if I am correct because of her vulnerability. I believe that it is such a wonderful superpower to be vulnerable. To be open for scrutiny, possible embarrassment or humiliation. To be open to embracing whatever comes your way. To be willing to leap and not know if you’ll fall or stand. That vulnerability is something that is so potent within Zendaya. She is not only a beautiful face to capture on screen, but her delivery and execution of the story puts you in the world of an addict. She sheds the glitz and glamour of her everyday life and simply gives vulnerability and simplicity in regards to her appearance and overall demeanor in Euphoria. So, I say that to say, I be checking for Zendaya HEAVY! This show was even more than what I expected. To say that this show is good is an understatement. The way Zendaya’s character Rue delves into each individual’s story is very enlightening. It broadens the landscape and gives the audience the power of empathy, so that they can understand a character’s actions rather than pass judgement. This show is SO NEEDED. Young people nowadays don’t really pay attention to TV. Everything is so accessible and convenient, that there seems to be no purpose for it. However, I am noticing how Euphoria’s impact is garnering so much attention. Young and older people watch the series and I love that. I love how it crosses age, race, ethnicity, etc. Addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, domestic abuse, sexuality and many more hot topics that deserve more media attention are touched upon in Euphoria. That was a lot to say yall LOL! If you’re still reading, thank you so much for hanging in there. I didn’t want to spoil any details for anyone who hasn’t watched, but when the next episode airs, I will give an official review of it. This post really just wanted to show my appreciation for the art that is Euphoria. As artists and creators, your job is to disrupt. Disrupt the inhumanities of the world. Disrupt the inequalities of the world. Disrupt the standards of the world and give a fresh outlook for the world to see. That is the role of the artist. I feel that Euphoria is the disruption that the world needs as of now. The genesis of this series marked a change in television, so that more raw, authentic stories can be shared. This series is a brick added to the wall of creativity and art. It is needed and necessary. Thank you so much guys for listening and being so patient with my meticulous breakdown of the series. I urge you to watch Euphoria and formulate your own opinion about it. Trust me, you wont regret it. I learned that I can consume material that is being offered for what it is, and grab the pieces that I can learn from. But, I didn’t wanna keep you too long. Love you all and I hope you have and are having A HOT GIRL/HOT BOY SUMMER! Have fun. Live joyously. Give your all in whatever you do. Make it happen. Dreams come true. Later guys!

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