Prom Night

SO….. Prom happened! It was so much fun you guys I had a ball and I just had to come back and share the experience. Hey guys and welcome back to TheFashunFiend. This blogging journey has come a long way and if I am totally honest, I can be so lazy with it. However, I want to thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your daily routine or even if this is your first time reading. I want everyone to feel welcome. I hope your day is going well and I just wanted to share with you my recollection of prom and just how I am feeling overall. So, prom night commenced this past Wednesday and it was so MUCH FUN! The whole getting ready process is so much fun to me. I love to get groomed and prepped for a big day, so I always enjoy the process. First, I got my hair done and I really wanted to do a royalty-esque hairstyle. I wanted my hair to truly be my crown. My mom actually accessorized my hair with rose gold wire to compliment the rose-gold details in the suit. (Btw I lovvveeddd the suit). The hair was done and under wraps, so the next step was getting a beard shape-up. I wanted to look manly, but not unkept. I wanted to look well-groomed and elegant. I think I did just that. Finally, the clock struck 6:30 and I began to get dressed. I hurried because prom started in half an hour and I needed to get on the road quickly. I began to put on my suit and it felt so good. I fixed the shirt, adjusted the blazer and finally put on my shoes. I did a final mirror-check and went downstairs to reveal the look to my family. As I came down the staircase, I was welcomed with oous and ahhs (Just what I was looking for LOL) and camera flashes. I had never felt so good about my appearance before. It was as if all of these years of self-care, positive affirmations and prayer paid off. I felt so secure in my skin. I accepted all of the compliments with glee and my mom added the final step: a white orchid. I had never felt so beautiful in my life. We got on the road and finally made it to the hall. As I began to enter, I heard “Oh my God, Noah you look amazing” from a couple of teachers. I kept hearing the same word all night. “You look beautiful”. It made me feel so good because the old Noah did not think he was beautiful or worth it or amazing or well-dressed. He didn’t think he was any of those things. But, I have put in so much work to build myself up that people finally saw the light that shines within me. I felt so …beautiful. I had practiced in the mirror. If I looked at myself in the mirror and thought something negative about myself, I would combat it with a compliment about myself. You guys, please try it, it works wonders! Trust me! But, I just felt so much love and adoration that night and it went so fastttttt!!! So, my advice to you all is to savor each moment because it vanishes so quickly. Please absorb and appreciate all the time and love that is given to you. However, I will never ever forget this night. It made me feel so much love and it felt so good. I felt so happy. Like SO HAPPY! I didn’t care about my problems, worries or concerns. I just had fun. So guys, please HAVE FUN! Make the most out of every situation. For so long, I felt invalidated as a person because I wasn’t in a relationship. I thought that I needed someone to cheer me on and love me for myself. But, I can do that myself. I am open to a relationship as of now, but I am not on the hunt for it. I want a person who respects me, loves me and appreciates all that I do because I am a great catch. I have so much amazingness to offer and I have been hurt in the past, but those experiences have taught me so much about me. It taught me not to allow so much. It taught me to not expect so little. It taught me not to see potential, but to see action and results. It taught me not to chase, but to be comfortable in my own skin. It taught me to love every part of myself good or bad. But, I don’t want you guys to go through unnecessary hurt so that is why I open up about me. My final words is just to choose happiness guys. Whatever you do, choose happiness. Life can be so much more difficult for us and I am a firm believer in God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. You will come out of this rough situation. I love you guys and whatever you do, LOVE YOU! You da best (DJ Khaled voice).

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