New Beginnings


Good afternoon everyone! I have finally returned back to the blog and I have missed you guys so much. I deeply apologize for my inconsistencies, but after I graduate I will be able to give more consistent content. Trust in the process LOL. However, a lot of big events are coming very soon. I have a fashion show on the 26th of this month, prom is May 1st and graduation is June 3rd. I am so excited for these upcoming events because it is just a celebration of how far I have come. This senior year has not been easy at all and it packs a lot of stress unto the person, so to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor is an amazing achievement and to all of my peers who are either graduating or almost there, trust in the process and KEEP GOING! It is so easy to become complacent in settling for what is given, but don’t stop pushing for what you deserve. Always remember to assert your self worth if you feel that you are not being heard. But, guys this blogpost is about new beginnings because I feel that we are entering new beginnings as of now. Spring season is here and it is a time of starting over. My first tidbit for you all is to let go of the past if you want happiness. This works guys seriously. I do not mean to not acknowledge what has happened in your life, but to accept it and not dwell on it. We get so caught up in trying to rectify or micromanage events that have already taken place. We can only control so much in this world, so we have to loosen our grips on what we believe our realities should be. It is okay to have said words or done something that you wish you can take back. We are not awful people. We all make mistakes and we all deserve forgiveness. We cannot beat ourselves up over the inevitable fact that we will mess up in some way or another. There is no denying that we are imperfect people and I believe God had a purpose in creating us in that manner. We all need to be reminded that we are good people with good hearts who occasionally mess up, but we learn from our mistakes and apply it to future situations. So, whatever you are going through right now. Let go. Realize that you can only do so much, but don’t carry the weight of worries, concerns or dilemmas. Release yourself from those bounds of worrying because life is so short. We should savor every moment of having breath in our legs and a functioning body. We should embrace every imperfection and flaw and find the beauty in those things. We are incredible beings and we must remind ourselves. Even the most miniscule things are things that we should be incredibly grateful for. I wish you a great new beginning and I pray that this new beginning will be life-changing. I pray that this will be the genesis of prosperity, self-care, positive self-talk, optimism and prayfulness, if you ever feel that the world has let you down. We are not mistakes. We are blessings. We are blessings to someone in this world who cares for us. We will never go out of style and we are ENOUGH! Do not ever feel that you are not enough for a person, group, job, school, etc. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! You are a deluxe package with add-ons, and all the bells and whistles imaginable. You are incomparable and please tell yourself that every time you try to find a flaw within yourself. I still struggle with this to this day because we have to rewire our brains from finding faults to finding strengths. I pray that for my personal new beginning, I am able to appreciate myself in all facets. I pray that I will release myself from the bondage of guilt, bitterness and dwelling. I pray that I can realize how this high school stuff will pass and that I will prosper no matter what. I pray that I can find the right college for me. I pray that I will be able to assert my emotions clearly and respectfully. I pray that I will drop the feeling of needing to be with someone in this point in my life. I pray that I will notice that I have been enough and people do notice my presence. I pray that I can get better with procrastination and laziness, so that I can attain my goals in a timely fashion. I also pray that I can have a fulfilling career and be able to buy great fashion (I’m sorry I had to do it LOL, I am the Fashun Fiend.). But, seriously I pray this for all of you guys. I hope you all find personal fulfillment and contentment within your lives. I pray for your success and longevity in this world. So, in your new beginning, give yourself more credit because it is not easy starting over. It is difficult to make the conscious decision that you will change the trajectory of your life for the better. But, I know you can do it, I mean you are one of my subscribers after all LOL. Well, that was all guys. I didn’t want to drag it too long, but I hope you got ya life from this post. I love you all so so much and I wish you all the best. As always, if you have any suggestions/comments/recommendations, please leave one below or DM me directly @thefashunfiend. Love you guys. Later!!!!!

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