Living in Your Truth

liveyourlifequotesLiving in your truth. What does that mean to you? Freeing yourself of toxic behaviors? Embracing who God created you to be? Accepting the beauty and flaws that are within you? Forgiving ourselves of past hurt that we have endured or given out? Is that what living in your truth means? Hey guys, it is the Fashun Fiend and a friend of mine inspired me to discuss this topic on the blog today. Living our lives for ourselves without feeling the need to meet the expectations of others. Being unapologetically ourselves. This is a powerful ability that many of us master as we age, but I want you all to be self-secure and strong as you grow into adulthood. I know that for me, living in my truth was a hard thing for me to do because I used to not like who I was. To live in your truth, we must erase the shame that we may feel. Shame of the past and insecurities that we have about ourselves. We must release them in order to truly love ourselves so we can then live in our truths. I want all of you to step into the greatness that God has prepared for you. There is so much planned for all of us and we have to be honest with ourselves for a better future. I included the quote above for a specific purpose. “Be who you needed when you were younger.” When we were younger, we endured a lot. Acne, body issues, depression, low self-esteem, abuse (verbal, emotional and physical), feeling unloved, attention-deprived, physical ailments, growing to like our appearance and so much more. When we were younger, we needed someone to build us up, empower us, inspire us, lift our spirits and let us know that we can do anything that we set our minds to. We have to be our own heroes, we have to be our biggest cheerleaders because no one else will. During these times in your head when you hear that negative self-talk. You know that voice in your head. “You can’t do it. You’re not strong enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re not pretty enough. You aren’t enough. You’ll never make it.” I’m here to tell you that negative self-talk is destructive to your self-growth and self-concept. We have to treat ourselves better and talk to ourselves as if we were our own best friends. You know how you talk to your best friend. You carry this loving, sincere tone and speak with honesty and appreciation. That is exactly how you should talk/think of yourself. Talk to yourself with love and care. Be good to yourself. Be that person that you needed when you were going through the valleys of life. Show up for you. Endorse you. Be the best you that you can possibly be. Yesterday is gone. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes. I urge you all to use the resources that God has bestowed you because our lives can be so much more difficult than it is. We have to be grateful for being alive and possessing the ability to continue and change. So many people wish that they wouldn’t have wasted that gift. It is a precious gift that should be nurtured. So, I say all of that to say we have to live our lives truthfully and unapologetically. Yes, we will make mistakes. We will not always say or do the right thing. We will stumble. We will fail at things. We will cry or lash out at others. But, we also will get up. We will fight the good fight to make our dreams come true. We will push ourselves to be better than before. We will work on failures and transform them into success stories. We will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because we are human. There are so many layers to us and we are incredible beings. I ask that you write down 5 qualities about yourself that you love and 5 goals that you want to come to fruition. Pray, meditate, journal or even create a blog. Whatever you wish to do to bring joy into your world. I say go for it. Live your life for you. But, always remember to spread joy and love wherever you go. Love you all so much and I hope this blogpost makes your day just a little brighter.


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