Beauty Is…


A question that I have debated since I was about 13 years old. What is beauty? Are there certain features that make a person beautiful? High cheekbones? Slim nose? Clear skin? Extremely thin? Curvy? Lighter-skinned? What exactly makes a person beautiful? Hey guys, it’s the FashunFiend and I am back with another blogpost. I wanted to do this particular blogpost because I know that as young adults, we are constantly questioning ourselves. Our looks, identity, and goals are just a few insecurities that we possess. I am here to affirm all of you that you ALL are beautiful people. I love how no one of us on this Earth are alike. Even identical twins have some form of individuality. We all contain a unique beauty within ourselves that can never be duplicated, inhibited or destroyed. We will shine no matter what! (Nicki Minaj voice) The poster above is for this film called “The Neon Demon” that was released in 2016. The film highlighted a young woman named Jesse, who enters into the modeling industry. She learns that the industry is very cutthroat and the other models are very jealous of her. I felt so bad for these young women being objectified in such a way. Observing how the fashion designers would look at them as a piece of meat rather than a person who has more to offer than an exterior appearance. Having to be so…perfect at all times is exhausting. Trust me I know, I have been trying to be perfect for years. I thought it was because of my acne, but when I would have good skin days I would find something else about myself. My hair, nose, eyes, or anything else because I can be so hard on myself. I think it is because that feeling of not feeling good enough for others. It took a while to realize that I was worth so much more. It took a while for me to appreciate all that is me and how I have so many complexities and intricacies as a person. One of my blogger friends, Fatu, who you all should definitely check out, ( did a post about body image issues and cosmetic surgery. I loved it and I understood the essence of it. At the end of the day, we all want to feel beautiful. We all want to feel love, affection and support. I wanted to remind you that YOU are beautiful, important, amazing and unique. Your energy and look cannot be erased, denied or ignored. You catch eyes when you enter a room and looks when you give a smile. Your presence is infectious and you add so much brilliance into this world. Don’t ever forget that. I also would recommend “The Neon Demon” to you all because I really enjoyed the movie. As always I wanted to serve you all some goodness and love for this weekend. So sorry for my absence due to my hectic school schedule and laziness LOL. However, coming back to this blog allows me to release emotions I did not even realize I felt. It is such a release. Also, I wanted to tell you all to “stop holding”. Pastor Michael Todd is someone that I really like because he can make the most vague Scripture relatable to us. His sermon of “stop holding” really forced me to address my internal dilemmas. I have held onto so much hurt and disappointment without even noticing it. Now, I know why I was so angry for so long. I kept it in and just kept going, but I didn’t let go of the burdens I had carried. I felt hurt so I would retaliate at my family. Subconsciously, I absorbed all of the middle school insults and feeling like I was not enough. So, I would catch attitudes and feel short-tempered. I tell you all that to just let you know that it does build up and will explode if you do not feel your feelings. Journaling, talking with a close family member or friend or just taking a walk. These are just a few things that help me when I go through things and I hope that helps. But, I think that is what beauty is. Beauty is strength. Beauty is intelligence. Beauty is kindness. Beauty is love. Beauty is confidence. You all are beautiful people and I hope you have a beautiful week. I send the best of luck to anything that you pursue. Later guys!

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