But, You Said He’s Just a Friend


Hey guys! I am back at it again. The story that is receiving a lot of media attention is the “Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods making out with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson”. The situation has been talked about this entire week in the social media streets. According to multiple sources, Tristan had a party in LA and invited Jordyn to come along with. Allegedly, all phones were confiscated at the party by order of Tristan. I presume that Tristan planned on “getting into some thangs”, but did not want to be recorded or exposed. Also, Masika Kalysha stated how she has attended one of Tristan’s LA parties and this was not the first instance of confiscating phones. The story that was most prevalent was Tristan invites Jordyn, they are making out and she doesn’t leave the house party until 7 AM. However, this is later clarified by Jordyn herself who does a Red Table Talk with her godfather’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada and Will have known Jordyn due to her father, John Woods, being a sound engineer of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So, Will and Jada have always known Jordyn to be a sweet, genuine girl who does not have ill intentions. The media is trying to paint Jordyn as a “hoe”, “broke”, “homewrecker” and “un-loyal”, but I disagree with all of these labels. Jordyn admits in her Red Table Talk that she was in the wrong for attending the party. However, she did not force herself on Tristan. Tristan kissed her on the lips as she left out the party. I believe that Tristan is a dog who never wanted to be with Khloe. He wanted the clout of being with a Kardashian. Before he attached himself to Khloe, people barely knew who he was. Now that he is forever linked to her because of their child, True, he will continue to be relevant within the media. So, to clarify, Jordyn does not need the Kardashian money, fame, clout or their men because she always had her own. The thing that really breaks my heart through all of this is her and Kylie’s friendship.


I remember when Kylie had her show, “Life of Kylie”, which I really like and miss on TV. I loved seeing her and Jordyn’s friendship. It always seemed so genuine, full of love and supportive. Jordyn always gave Kylie that understanding and empathy whenever she needed it. Jordyn was always her shoulder to fall on and they just really love each other. You can just tell by the scenes they shared and just how attached they are. They are family. This whole situation just breaks my heart because I hate to see friendships become compromised. Especially since these ladies are almost sisters and they just are so involved in each other’s lives. I was so upset seeing Khloe tweet such nasty things about Jordyn and how she ruined her relationship. Tristan has been cheating on Khloe for a WHILEEEE, but she’s making Jordyn solely responsible for her boyfriends’ unfaithfulness. It makes no sense to me. But, I just pray that this all works out. I will not be canceling Jordyn because I believe that she is a good person who just made a mistake. I am just sad that since she is in the public eye, this entire situation was blew out of proportion. This is just so sad. What do you guys think? Do you believe that Jordyn was not in the wrong? Should Khloe hold Jordyn accountable for Tristan’s actions? Will Jordyn and Kylie ever be friends again? Please share comments, suggestions and recommendations. Love you guys and until next time! xoxo FF!

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