You’re Single, But You Are Not Alone

See the source imageSingleness. Not taken. Not in a relationship. Not at the moment dating. Just strictly singleness. Hey guys, I’m back with another blogpost and I just wanted to talk with you all about singleness. I had recently been introduced to this pastor by the name of Michael Todd in my theology class. At the moment, we are discussing the topic of marriage and relationships. This is a very important topic to talk about with high school seniors because we have either dated before or plan on dating in our college lives. This is perfectly normal and a part of the human experience, but it is important to be perfectly okay with ourselves before we begin the process of loving someone else. In our single state, we get to know ourselves, likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions, dreams, goals, etc. We are able to love ourselves to the fullest capacity. I have tried to skip this step multiple times and jump into trying to love and support someone else. I didn’t even realize that I was putting my self-worth on the backburner just to try and gain romantic attention from others. I did not fully appreciate or love myself as much as I do now back then. There have been a lot of times where I should’ve gave myself more time to accept how much of a great person I am. Whatever preconceived notion you have about relationships, please know that it will happen for you! Trust me I have seen it happen. When we start to love ourselves in abundance, people are attracted to that. I have noticed that when you have things going for yourself, when you don’t “need” a man, that is when they approach you. You must be driven in improving your current conditions. I can safely say that we are the generation who continuously works to “secure the bag” and I love seeing black women who have their own business going on and don’t need some man for validation. I am seeing more black women entrepreneurs, CEO’s and bosses which I love. It makes me so proud because visibility is a powerful ability to possess. For so long, many black girls did not have many positive role models for them to follow. Television and media have not done our people justice when it comes to our visibility of doing productive and positive things for ourselves or our communities. But, that is an entirely different conversation and sorry guys I am a Sagittarius and we tend to go off on a tangent. However, I digress and I just want you guys to know that it is okay to not have a Valentine or a “boo” right now. Take this time to love yourself, treat yourself and appreciate yourself more. Trust me my love, trust in love. If God can sacrifice his only Son for us, I think that goes to show we will always have someone who truly loves us. So no matter what you think, someone in this world loves you, prays for you, and wishes you great success and great prosperity. I pray this past Valentine’s Day didn’t sadden you because that is another day for self-love. Please click the link below, it is a video of Pastor Michael Todd’s sermon on the importance of singleness. Please do not waste this period of your life. This is such a monumental moment for you. I struggle with this myself because sometimes it makes you think, “What’s wrong with me? Am I not attractive? Am I not enough?” But, there is nothing wrong with you at all and you are enough and a beautiful, radiant being you are. Don’t worry man. You are so terrific and amazing and folks just have to catch up with you. But, they will. Trust me! Well, guys I did not want to hold you for too long, but I love talking with you all. Thank you so much for all the love and support. It really makes my day to hear that you like the posts. I will continue to post more content and as always if you have any comments/suggestions/recommendations, please let me know. Alright guys, talk to you later.

Pastor Michael Todd’s Sermon:

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