Colorism Within The Black Community



Hey guys, so I thought why not give you guys another post for this Friday. This topic is very close to my heart because it has not only affected me mentally but I have noticed that it has infected many of my peers as well. So, for those who do not know what colorism exactly is, it is the discrimination against someone based on skin color/tone. Colorism can also be expressed through hair texture as well. By the way, colorism is simply a biproduct of white supremacy used to divide and categorize us. I have included some beautiful black women of different shades to prove how we all are beautiful. I may be biased but I do believe that black people are the most beautiful people. Our features, physique, and how we possess different shades and textures of hair is beautiful to me. We are such a unique people that our beauty is undeniable. I really wanted to make this post to bring awareness that colorism does exist and it affects many aspects of our lives. Whether it be growing up and you hear these phrases:

  • “You are so pretty for a dark-skinned girl.”
  • “Nappy” hair
  • “Black as midnight”
  • “You’re so black.”
  • “High-yellow”
  • “You don’t need to wear sunscreen since you’re so dark.- By the way, darker skinned people are not as susceptible to skin cancer but we can still get melanoma and we need to moisturize and apply SPF always because the sun is so dangerous with those powerful UV rays emitting onto our skin.
  • “I need a light-skinned girl, because dark-skinned girls are too gutter”.

I have heard many of these phrases because in our community we have been so brainwashed and pushed to believe that light skin is better. “You have to be light to be beautiful”. FALSE! Completely and utterly false. Being light does not make you more attractive or desirable. We are all beautiful no matter shade, color, or tone. Please guys love your skin you’re in. No matter how much mass media will advocate that you are not beautiful, just know that you are all that. Please be good to yourselves guys! I love you all so much and I hope that this post helped you realize how incredible you are. Thanks so much for reading guys! Love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful day y’all.




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