My Analysis of “Surviving R.Kelly”

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WHEWWWW CHILAYYYY…. THE CONTROVERSY! Now, I am sure that you all have either seen or heard of Lifetime’s new docu-series on R.Kelly. It premiered around early January with 6 episodes. The docu-series goes into great detail about R.Kelly’s upbringing, childhood molestation, prurient behaviors, sexual escapades with young girls and his “harem” of young women. A fellow blogger, Fatu( recently blogged about this topic and she really inspired me to share my opinion. At first, I was a bit apprehensive to discuss this topic, but it does make my blood boil and I have to speak my mind. So, all of the 2000’s babies and 90’s babies know that this man has always been a “freak in these streets”. Like Fatu, I immediately think of the Boondocks’ episode of R. Kelly. When I was younger, I watched and didn’t fully realize that this episode was based on reality. This older man urinated on an underage girl on tape and it was released on all platforms for everyone to see. He faced trial yet he was freed upon lack of witnesses and the support of his fans. Seeing this man get off with such a heinous crime made my stomach turn. I can’t believe how many people especially women dismiss the allegations and proof that he is a predator.

As you can see, these women all have had awful experiences with R.Kelly. Yet, many black women don’t believe them and it sickens me. To be ignorant to the fact that this man is a disgusting and cruel person is just sickening. His abuse of these women and young girls really shows how broken he is as a person. I appreciate how the docu-series discussed his childhood because predators are generally produced by traumatic events. Kelly was actually molested by his older sister growing up. I believe this is where his disdain for women is rooted from. At that point, I believe he looked at women as evil, insignificant creatures rather than human beings with emotions and feelings. He misused his clout and talents as a singer/songwriter/producer to manipulate and abuse women. It really broke my heart to learn that R.Kelly is not able to read and write well. I actually learned this from a Wendy Williams segment. She did an extensive, in-depth interview with Kelly about everything. Through this interview, she learned that Kelly cannot read or write well and he sold royalties from his songs unbeknownst to himself. I really blame his parents because it is obvious that they dropped the ball with him. It is also a family issue because his younger brother, Carey, was molested as well. Carey discussed how he told Robert about being abused and Robert dismissed his claim. Robert said, “That never happened to you.” It hurt me when he talked about this because why in the black community do we dismiss sexual abuse. Everyone else gets help, seeks therapy but in the black community we say “That never happened.” and push it under the rug. That is why so many men and women are angry or sad all the time. Their abuse was not acknowledged and they are stuck with this emotional weight to bear. In 2019, we have to listen to others. If you are speaking your truth, that is your truth. Listen to women and men when they talk about being abused. It takes a lot of courage to describe the victimization and battery a person has been through. So, we can still be skeptical but we must accept that people should speak through truths. I believe R.Kelly dismissed Carey’s truth because it was learned behavior. He learned to push his emotional baggage under the rug so he simply passed it on to Carey. He truly is a tragic individual and I feel bad for how he was raised, but it doesn’t negate how many lives he has destroyed. It also frustrates me on how some of the parents were not more attentive to their young girls. If my daughter has a musical talent, I would try to align her with the right people but there would be ground rules and no meeting would be held without me. My mother and father are very attentive to me so I could never even attempt to catch flights to see Kelly or anything of that nature without their notice. Seeing how negligent and nonchalant some of these parents were really frightened me because it would be terrifying to not get in touch with my daughter. But, I cannot shame them for what they may have not known. All I can do is pray that all of the victims get back to their families because Kelly is a perverted, controlling man who needs help. Any woman connected to him should disconnect themselves immediately. But what do you guys think? Please contact or comment below with your thoughts and opinions. Also, the Lifetime docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” is on Lifetime. I believe it is on their website and On Demand. I will attach the links below. Thanks for reading guys!




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