Homophobia Within the Black Community



A problem that I would eliminate that exists in this world today would be homophobia within the black community. I would choose to eliminate this problem because due to their sexuality, some blacks who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community feel isolated from the black community. They are still black people, but their sexuality seems to scare off or not be tolerated by other black people. However, I do feel that there is a double standard. Some of the black community particularly black men seem to be more okay with a black lesbian than a black gay man. I think some black men are okay with black lesbians because they have the commonality of love for women. Although, with black gay men they feel they don’t understand them and could never relate to them. But that is so untrue. Dr. King once said, “In a real sense all life is interrelated. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny”. So, a sexual orientation shouldn’t disregard the fact that these men are still black men. These men are racially profiled just like their hetero-counterparts. These men were still counted as of a person in 1787 just like their hetero-counterparts. These men were still beaten, brutalized and tortured during the time of slavery just like their hetero-counterparts. These men were still picking cotton in the scorching sun. These men were still marching for the right to vote. These men are still men. It gets even worse when sexuality is added to the mix because now you are a “double-minority”. Then, issues like HIV/AIDS, same-sex marriage laws, hate crimes, employment discrimination, poverty and health care are added. At the same time, these black men must deal with racially-fueled issues and now it worsens due to their sexual orientation. So, when I hear and see black gay men being excluded from the community it is extremely disheartening. It makes me sad because these black gay men deserve friends. They deserve to be accepted into society. They deserve free spaces to be themselves. I think the exclusion traces back to the narrative that “Gay men aren’t real men.” We all know that this false since masculinity is not determined by sexual orientation. Masculinity is about carrying yourself as a dignified, morally-upright, intelligent, driven, compassionate, supportive and open-minded man to me. Homosexuality should not be factored into a man’s masculinity. I believe masculinity is so important to black men since during the times of our dehumanization, humiliation and discrimination we had to be “the man”, provide for our families and display a tough exterior to maintain that “strong, black man” image. So, I think they associate gayness with being feminine, weak and weird. I have also heard a stereotype that “Gay men want to sleep with all men”. This is so ridiculous because as humans we have preferences! So, gay men are just like everyone else and they look for attractive qualities in a relationship. I find these stereotypes to be completely asinine. There are so many strong, dignified, upstanding black gay men and I find it so sad that some people are so close-minded when it comes to that. I never understood why people in general were so invested in someone else’s love life. I believe that’s why I had trouble making male friends. I now realize that I am just different. And that’s okay! Being different just means you stand out in the crowd. You are your own individual person and that is fantastic! It is incredible that you stand out by just being you. All I ask is for black men to be more understanding and accepting. We get a lot done when we’re in cooperation rather than isolation. I know that some people will just never accept anyone who seems “out of the norm”, but if I am able to change one person’s way of thinking than I feel I have done my job. As always, thanks for reading! I love you guys and until next time LOL.

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