Acceptance. This word has a plethora of meanings, but I always remember a certain definition. Being welcomed for who you are. As a teenager, I am constantly looking for acceptance whether it be from friends, family or even strangers. I think it because as teens and young adults, we are still adjusting to who we are as people and we all want to belong and fit in this world. I know that for me my crave for acceptance is beginning to dwindle. For so long, I haven’t been comfortable in my skin whether it be my looks, hair, voice, physique or being good at athletics. I have beat myself up over it worse than any other human could possibly do. I believe that me being so hard on myself was because I didn’t believe in my potential, but I believe the mean words some people would say. I have finally got to a place where I am my biggest fan. I constantly do positive affirmations and pray when I have moments of depression or hopelessness, because trust me it happens to everyone but it is important on how we react. I know that I have strategies that de-stress and detox me. Life can become so hectic and busy that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is one of the greatest techniques ever created. It preserves life, sanity and peace for a person. Breathing, walks, journaling, therapy, watching TV, turning the phone off, etc. I have done it all and they all are effective seriously. Through it all, I have gained a special love for myself. I know that when I do get into a romantic relationship, that I will be a complete person and my significant other will be able to add to what I have got going on.  So, since I was finally accepted myself for the amazing person I am, I wanted to spread that love unto you all. I want to tell you personally: You are accepted. You will always have a seat at the table, you will not be lost in this world. Please always have hope and faith that your path will stay solid. I send prayers of purpose and alignment for you all because that’s what I have been praying for as well. So, don’t worry. Even if one job or college or whatever may not accept you, that is okay because you are accepted! Don’t let any institution or organization validate yourself or what you bring to the table. You are amazing and don’t forget it! I always say that to you guys because we don’t celebrate ourselves enough as people. Sometimes we get so stuck on the hustle that we forget to enjoy our achievements. I want you guys to appreciate the constant work y’all do to get to where you want to be in life. God designed us, but we have the ability to design our lives. I know that I will be HAPPY and successful. Whatever you all pursue, make sure that you are happy in what you do. I was always told that people who love their jobs, never work a day in their lives. It is so true because I hate to see people be stuck. I want you all to be fulfilled, purpose-full, happy and driven. I know that the lifestyle in my brain costs a lottttttt of money. But, I know that I can make it happen because I got this far, so it must mean something. Alright guys. I didn’t wanna drag too long, but I just wanted to share some love with y’all. I pray you all have an amazing holiday season and really enjoy yourselves. I love you all so much. Thanks for reading!

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