Shining, Shining, Shining


You. Yes you! You are shining! You are so amazing, so wonderful, so awesome and so gracious! I see you! I just wanted to remind y’all how incredible you all are. It has been a grip since I’ve talked to you all, but I had to come back. I just wanted to give you all a quick check-in on how I have been doing. So, I am so excited about college yo like it is really about to be the next year and I cannot wait! I am still awaiting my dream schools, but I cannot wait. I know that I will have a great place to call my new home, but in the meantime I will continue to strengthen and sharpen myself. I am so proud of myself. I recently turned 18 on Wednesday and that was so awesome! I went to the Univer-Soul Circus with the fam and it was so much fun. I really enjoyed it and I just had such a great time. I just was so impressed with all of the tricks and entertainment. It was really fun. So, for the upcoming events I really just have prom and graduation. I cannot waitttt!!! It will be LEGENDARY! I am so hype and I just cannot wait to stunt real rap! I really love fashion. By the way guys, I want to be a licensed dermatologist, author, spa owner and I love fashion, but I don’t know how I can fit fashion in my world. I need to research more and see how I can implement fashion into it more. I also love skincare and I would love to create my own skincare line specifically for POC like UrbanSkinRX, which I love and for my readers y’all should deff check it out. They are typically sold at Target (harmless plug lol). But, y’all I really want to achieve and reach all of my biggest hopes and dreams. I learned that speaking things into existence can manifest into reality. Please practice that y’all it really works. Lol, I just thought that this is like a finsta for me, but it’s a blog lol. But, guys that was about it. I didn’t really have a specific, specific topic, but I hope this will hold you guys over until the next deep topic. But, I just want y’all to know how important, special and incredible you all are. Thank you so much for the love, support, repostings, nothing goes unnoticed. Alright y’all. Until next time. Later.

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