Late Night Thoughts


Hey you guys! I have missed you all so much! I hate going off the grid, but this senior life is no joke y’all. I get so stressed out because my English class is so difficult, my pre-calculus course is so dry and I have to teach myself things and just awaiting these college apps can be nerve wracking. I really can’t wait though guys! I am so excited to just begin the next chapter I cannot wait. I think I have just been stressed and worried about my social life lately. The acne has also been acting up, but my mom was talking to me and just telling me to “let it go” because I do everything possible to not exacerbate or cause acne but it just happens. So, I am going to just try my best to drop it and allow my inner self to be shown in the world with confidence and pride. I really just wanted to tell you guys to have faith, and you never know how strong you are until that’s the only option you have. I could’ve been broken down, but I made the decision to continue and get up everyday. I advise you all to do the same. God gives some of his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, so never underestimate yourself! Being strong was not easy for me and there were so many times when I felt overlooked, ignored, not considered and mistreated, but with the help of my family and close friends, I was able to conquer my fears of not being accepted. There will always be people who do not accept or like you, but that’s okay! Don’t ever look for someone else’s approval on your self worth! You have a specific purpose in this world and no one can classify or rate your being. For a long time, I looked and still sometimes look for approval from my peers. I am really getting better with not caring about what others think anymore. It was difficult at first, but I am getting better with being more selfish and self-loving. I feel that we all deserve to be selfish. There have been so many instances where I have dimmed my light to make others shine brighter. But, no more! I can’t keep downplaying my amazingness just to make someone else feel better. It’s okay to brag on yourself from time to time. It’s okay to celebrate the small and big accomplishments. I try to implement positive reinforcement in my daily routine. It works wonders man! I would say add the “Sprinkle of Jesus” or “Eternal Sunshine” apps onto your phone. These applications will give you daily and routine inspirational notifications that keep your spirits high. Actually, I got a notification earlier that reads, “There’s a heart out there just as big as yours. And someone who’s working on themselves, praying for you as well. Don’t give up on love.” This notification just resonated with me so deeply because I can get discouraged with love because sometimes you think it’s more than what it is, some people overlook, some people ignore, some people give mixed signals, and it can really disappoint a person. A lot of times I was disappointed and sometimes really hurt. But, this notif let me know that just as much as I am working on me and focusing on loving myself, there is another person out there for me, who is doing the exact same thing. This really warms my heart because it just reminds me that I am not alone. So, my current stressors are really what I would like to do for my birthday coming up. I really don’t know what I should do, but whatever I do I just really want to enjoy my time to the highest extent. I really love you all! Y’all give me so much positivity, creativity and just a great vibe. I love to write and I really want to take this blog to the next level. I would love to be a dermatologist, author, blogger, writer and just a helper to the good of society. I want to help those touched with depression, anxiety or low-self esteem. To do that, I first have to get all of my stuff in order, but I know to take it day-by-day and with each day I become stronger. With each day, I start to put myself first more yet still make time in my life for others. I pray that you all find a source of happiness through the turmoil. Whatever you are dealing with, I want to let you know that you will make it through. Trust me, I am a living example of being able to make it through the shallow waters and come out. We all have metaphysical scars from our experiences, but we have those scars as reminders of how far we have come in this world. Life is not an easy feat at all and each day we are blessed to be bestowed with the gift of life. Well, I don’t wanna ramble too much on y’all because y’all know how I can get LOL. But, I really want y’all to take care of yourselves, put yourselves first, invest in yourself and your business and always remember to add love into everything you do. Love you guys! Later!

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