Finding the Sunshine


This past week has to be one of the roughest weeks of my life. Balancing college applications, social life and upcoming events is a lot. October has been a stressful month, but it has also been a learning-filled month. I have learned so much about myself that I did not realize. This picture above was when I attended LaSalle’s college visitation day. It was so much fun and I remember that happiness I felt. I felt liberated and joyful because it felt like I was so close to experiencing college life. I cannot wait to meet new people and just have an awesome college experience. That happiness is so precious because it can be washed away very quickly if we let it. This month gave me a great deal of stressors. Learning more about myself allowed me to see the fact that I don’t treat myself as well as I should. I put others before me and accept mistreatment. Not anymore! That is not okay and I will not settle for people who are not good for me. I realized that all the people who overlooked me, talked about me or ignored me simply couldn’t see how much of a great person I am. I am not trying to be arrogant in any means, but I am acknowledging how much of an awesome person and great friend I am. Friends haven’t  been easy for me, but I am learning to notice the signs within people. When you see signs that someone is not a good person, stay away! The signs are there so you know to not be around them. If they are not building you up, supporting you or treating you nice then you don’t need them. I thought that I needed friendships so I wouldn’t feel lonely or like a loser. But, I am a winner! I always have been it just took me so long to realize it. I have given so much kindness, love and support to people who did not deserve it. So, my advice to you would be to keep doing you. It’s okay to ride solo! Keep striving to be the best version of yourself. By the way: I got braces a couple of days ago and I really like them. They’re not too uncomfortable and I just can’t wait to get nice, straight teeth. Another thing I think I do is being fearful of not being accepted. For a long time, I have been excluded and it does hurt. But, I know that I am accepted. I accept myself, I have an accepting family and I have supportive people in my circle. I realize that I don’t need all the compliments and gassing up because I know that I am the bomb: fashion killer with looks and personality PERIODT MAMAS lol (that’s for Nia lol), but all jokes aside, acknowledge the power and influence you carry. You are a prayer in flesh, a divine being made to bring forth greatness. If you guys learn anything from my blog, I really want you all to love yourselves fully. I will do the same. I think that’s why I get overstressed a lot. Because I am fearful that I am not good enough or I can’t do something. I can do anything I put my mind to and so can you all! I was a bit stressed because a few of my classes are a bit challenging, but I will receive that diploma and I will succeed in life. Most importantly, I will be joyous in my life. I am blessed because my circumstances could be so different. With my blessings and gifts, I will carry my torch to bring light and love into this world. That is all I know how to do. I may feel that I am down and others are winning, but I am winning as well. Don’t compare your growth to others! We all have our own pace. Keep pushing yourself. We have to have growth mindsets, not fixed ones. We have to believe that we can be even better. I will continue to keep pushing myself and I hope y’all do the same. Sidenotes: I have finished my college apps pretty much. I was thinking of Brown University but I don’t know. I just have to do their essay but I am so lazy lol. But, I am going to try. I wish you guys success, happiness and an extra boost of strength. Love you guys! Thank you for listening, reading and just taking time to check on the blog. This blog would be nothing without you guys and I am just so appreciative. Thank you so much! Later guys!

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