I’m Back, Shouldn’t Have Left You, Without A Dope Beat to Step to!

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Hey y’all! Like the title of this blog, I shouldn’t have left y’all lol. I have missed you all so much. So status update! I am currently in college application mode. I have been scoping out my two faves and I am filling out the requirements in CommonApp. By the way guys, CommonApp is very helpful in the process because it gives you the exact requirements for schools that you are interested in. I am thinking of some out-of-state schools and I do have doubts and worries. This is the real world and we don’t get everything, but I am an optimist and I know that I was made for an intended purpose like all of you! We all have something great to share in this world. Our gifts, talents and voices are so powerful. So, this is a tip from the FashunFiend lol. If you ever find yourself doubting yourself, remind yourself who you are. We can get so lost in this world that we forget who we are. We forget how influential, important and integral we are to this world. Doubt is perfectly normal but don’t ever let doubt keep you from stepping into your blessing. Go for that job or school. What’s the worst that can happen? Say you don’t get in. Ok. That’s okay because there is a school/job that will accept you. There will always be a seat at the table for you! Never forget what’s yours is YOURS! Sorry I went off in a tangent, I just wanted to tell you guys things that really motivate me. As I am writing this, a million thoughts jump around in my head. I pray that I can get accepted into my dream schools. I love Philly, but this is my chance to travel. This is my chance to bring my strong Philly upbringing to other cities and states. This world has so many beautiful things in it and I want to experience it all. Just like this blog, I am taking a risk. But, look at the risk. I made this blog and so many people are supportive of it and really like it. It warms my heart because this blog started so small. Learning how to include hyperlinks, video, gossip columns and pictures is not easy at all. I have such a big respect for bloggers, writers, creators, inventors, videographers, YouTubers and anyone who has to create something. It is not easy, but so worth it. I know that I now own something. Well, partially because I still have to buy my domain name. But, y’all know who the original FashunFiend is lol. You heard it first lol. But, seriously the doubts and worries can really spiral. I have learned that teenage brain tends to overexaggerate worries, doubts and thoughts so we cannot control that until our frontal lobe in our brains close. However, we can control how we react to our doubts, worries and concerns. I have grown so much from the insecure worrier. I don’t care about trivial things as much as I did. I know that if certain people aren’t in my life, it’s because they are NOT for me. That’s okay because I know that I am going to continue to make life-long friends who support me, value me, respect me, hold me accountable and truly accept me for me. Today, we had a college visitation day, which I really enjoyed. I attended LaSalle with a couple of my other friends and it was really nice. The weather was a plus because I got to take cute pictures and Snaps. Ironically, I didn’t know how nice the weather was even though I am the West NET Weatherman lol. It is such a fun job and it really invigorates my mornings lol. I feel like Sue Serio, just a black, dread-headed male one lol. I promised myself that I would be more participative in school for my senior year and I feel that I am doing just that. The nervy freshman Noah wouldn’t even consider becoming a West NET member, but the past summer and the remainder of my junior year really helped build my confidence and self-esteem. I am so hype for my future y’all I wish you could feel my excitement and anticipation. I cannot wait to succeed. I cannot wait to accomplish everything I set my sights on. I will be a successful dermatologist and I will write many books. I want to spread my knowledge, my joy and my love to anyone who needs it. So many people in this world are hurting and I want to do my just due by giving what I’ve been taught: love. That’s so corny lol. But, I didn’t want to hold you all for too long. I love you all. Y’ALL MAKE THIS BLOG. Hearing people say they’ve read it and they like it, really makes my day. As always, leave comments, recommendations and/or suggestions for any future posts. If you would like me to expand on any column on the site please let me know. I will do my best to accommodate you guys regarding any topics. See you later. -FashunFiend

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