Spiritual Check-In


Hey guys! I’m back with another post to finish off the month of September. I called this a spiritual check-in because writing on this blog really puts all of my stressors and worries to rest for a bit. I’m able to drop it and just evaluate my emotions freely. So, I have been feeling a bit stressed lately due to the requirements of senior year. Senior year can be hectic, but don’t allow it to make your life hectic. TIP: By the way, guys please sign up for FASFA and get on the mailing lists for your dream schools. Doing that really helped me a lot. Back to senior year, there is going to be so many events coming up and I am excited. I think I got stressed because I began to emphasize the smallest things. I really wanted to stay on my toes this year, since it will be my last year. I wanted to have a great finish since I had such a great start from freshmen year (My best academic year ever!). Please don’t over-stress you guys. Stress is so dangerous because it actually produces this substance, cortisol, in your saliva and it can harm your health and create stress-acne. It’s so interesting how our bodies react to our minds. I think my excitement can morph into anxiety because things are happening that I am not used to. I am so used to seeing others cross that finish line that I didn’t realize I would be in that same position. I am so excited for events like the ring ceremony, prom and graduation. I can’t wait for prom! It’s going to be a movie! I also can’t wait for graduation either because that will be such a monumental moment. Graduating high school will close a book and open a new one. I can’t wait for college because it will give me the ability to really start my adulthood and start to become more independent. When I tried on my senior blazer, it really was such a surreal moment for me. It made me realize that this is really happening. I am so proud of myself. I am going to embark on the college application process very soon. I know that I am an incredibly valuable asset to any institution. I want you all to know that as well. Don’t let that “no” classify you as a rejection. There is a divine plan for you. So, please trust in yourself and whichever faith you believe in. I am so glad that even with everything I have been through, I made it. Through the self-doubt, people who weren’t for me, anxiety, low-self esteem, etc. I really made it. I have gotten to a space in my life where I don’t value others’ negative input as much as I did. I am so grateful that I don’t care as much about minimal things that do nothing for me. Nasty remarks and rude words really used to hurt me to the core. I am a sensitive person, but I am learning not to take everything to the heart. Most of the time, the person who is mean or rude towards you has a lot going on with them. I realize that not everyone has my mindset. I can’t hold grudges or be mean/hateful, because since early childhood I have always been taught and given kindness, love and affirmations. I have no problem complimenting someone on an accessory, piece of clothing or their appearance. I value appearance so when I see someone carry themselves with a certain “je ne sais quoi”, it really compels me. I have learned that not everyone is going to show you love, affirm you or boost you up. That’s why you have to be your #1 fan. Your biggest cheerleader! Your own studio audience! I was so dependent on what other’s thought of me, but I am really starting to break that chain. I may not be the most loud or boisterous, but my capabilities are limitless. And so are yours! Ok, I don’t want to have you guys read so much! Thank you so much for listening to my ranting lol. I appreciate your ongoing support and you all are so kind. So, like always, please let me know what you thought. Leave comments, suggestions and/or recommendations below. Talk to y’all soon. Later!

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