Remind Yourself of Your Worth!

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Hey y’all! Sorry I have been M.I.A., but I be so busy with school. But, I wanted to give you all this tidbit that took me a while to really learn. Being a teenager is not easy at all. The hormones, peer pressure, fluctuating self-esteem and wanting to know your purpose are just a few of teen stressors. During my pre-teen years, I did not have a lot of confidence or courage. I think it came from me not boosting myself up. I love to make others feel good about themselves, but sometimes I tend to forget about myself. Self-love is so important. I used to allow others to validify me as a good person, but I had to remind myself how much of an awesome person that I am. You are amazing! Just in case, no one told you. I used to think if someone didn’t text me or call me back, it was my fault. But, it wasn’t! I realize the way a person acts towards you is more about them than it is about you. So, don’t worry if that person doesn’t text you back, call you or even try to come into your life. It’s perfectly fine because not everyone is for you! There are going to be solid people in your corner! I promise you! The thing about being a teen is you have constant doubts about who are really for you or not. I am blessed to have people in my corner and a beautiful, supportive family. We have to big ourselves up and be our greatest fans because we have to love ourselves fully before we allow ourselves to love another person. I would say journal, put some inspirational notes for yourself on your mirror or your phone, pray more, meditate more, and just do what makes you feel more in tune with yourself. You are worth it all! I also wanna wish you guys good luck with college apps, job apps, and anything you pursue! You have my support! Thanks again for reading! I wanted to give y’all something over this weekend. Let me know if you want me to talk about a certain topic, fashion, lifestyle tips or anything y’all would like to know. Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you later guys!

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