Hey Y’all

Hey y’all! Sorry I have been M.I.A.! This school stuff has been demanding yo! But, I had to feed y’all with news and everything. So, senior year has been pretty good so far. My first week of senior year went pretty smoothly. The classes seem to be pretty solid. A good mix of challenging yet achievable. I will really have to apply myself more to pre-calculus, anatomy & physiology and AP English. I really enjoy my classes this year though. I know months from now, I will be singing an extremely different tune! But, so far I am enjoying it. I have been doing so well with not allowing anyone steal my joy. I am sensitive, but early on my sensitivity was crippling. It kept me from gaining thicker skin and made everything more severe than what it was. I am so proud that I am able to lower my guards and allow myself to be vulnerable. I am not scared to be myself or showcase how awesome of a person I am. You shouldn’t either! Don’t get in your own way! You are amazing! Your presence is so significant and powerful. You should be so proud of how far you have come because many people would be so grateful to live their lives. So, we have to live our best life each and every day. Go for that job or that application or that test or that anything. Never limit yourself to one thing because as human we are multi-faceted creatures. We have so many layers and dimensions to us so it only makes sense that we venture into different fields, try new things and step out of our comfort zone. This blog was really me stepping out of my comfort zone because it opened my world to the outside world. Surprisingly, I had no problem with this. I love to talk, have discourse and share opinions, so it would only make sense that I would create a blog. I can’t wait to buy my domain so I can make the site into thefashunfiend.com. OOOOUUU I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT lol. Thank you guys so much for tuning in! To be able to share my feelings onto this outlet is truly incredible and I can’t wait to document more info and upcoming events. Powerhouse is coming up and I am excited. I feel like I will probably be going lol. Just have to find an outfit. That seriously be the hardest part for me because I cannot (claps) come (claps) slacking (claps). I have to apply full pressure on the gas. As the FashunFiend, I have to carry myself a certain way lol. But seriously, I have no idea so who knows but I know if I do go it’ll turn out really nice. These days I notice that I am way more confident. I really feel like when you recognize your power as a person, no one can take that away from you. So if no one told you, YOU ARE THE BOMB PERIOD. Don’t ever settle for less because you deserve the entire world. I don’t know if you guys remember, but there was this book “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. My mom got me that book when I was fairly young. I had no idea that the book really shaped my confidence and how I go about entering the world. In the book, this black young boy has the sun, moon , stars, trees , rain, etc. in his hands. The book uses figurative language because he can’t literally carry these objects, but the goal of the book is to instill confidence in a young man. Or anyone in general. We are all eligible for joy and success. We just have to have that winning attitude and positive mindset. We can do anything! Anything is possible! Thanks so much for reading y’all! I didn’t want to keep y’all too long, but I just love talking lol. Sagittarius quirks lol! Love y’all! Thanks so much for tuning in! Talk to you later.

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