Stress Free

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Stress. Stress can be extremely detrimental to your livelihood seriously. Stress can be in many different forms so it can range between sweating profusely over a test to juggling so many thoughts and expectations in your head. My stress is the latter because I try not to display my stress, but on the inside of my brain I am constantly juggling thoughts, upcoming events, how do I look and just a ton of other things. I really had to just drop the stress. I got the idea from a YouTube video by MeganAlyse. I just typed “acne depression” because I just felt myself get sadder and I had to reach out for some sort of help. I came upon this video and I really wanted to show this to you guys and showcase how stress can be so impactful on your life.

So, I just want you all to drop that weight. Drop the stress. Drop the worries like seriously everything is going to be okay. Sometimes, we internalize things and it can manifest into intense stress and worries. So I just want you guys to drop your stress and continue living your best lives! Thanks for reading you guys and I really appreciate it!

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