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Hey guys! So I am deflee going to feed you all more material. So, today I went with my mom to her school, LaSalle University, and she had a class but she let me hang out at the Starbucks. While I was there, I had typed up more on my “Current Obsessions” list and check that out if you already didn’t. LaSalle has a really nice campus and it looked very diverse. I saw a little bit of everybody and the Starbucks Café is a really cool study place and meet up spot. It was a comfortable aura where I got a lot of work accomplished. For all my peeps, whether you live in Philly or not, please check out LaSalle. See how you like it and how it makes you feel. I will say that LaSalle has this one big hill that omg it will really work your legs. But, other than that I would say try it out. You can literally catch the train down to LaSalle and its easy to commute if you would like to stay close to family. So, please check it out, I got a good vibe and I think I will definitely apply there.

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