What’s to Come

Hey you guys! I’ve missed y’all so much! I am so excited to finally say that I am a high school SENIOR! It feels so good to say that because it lets me know that I am almost at the finish line. Being able to say that I finished high school is an achievement that I have only dreamed of! I feel incredibly blessed and amazed at my growth and how far I have come. I was just reminiscing on my freshmen, sophomore and junior years. I remember how my confidence wasn’t where it is now. My skin also had a lot of work to do. I think that I now realize why God gave me those issues to bear. I always believed that God will never give you something that you cannot handle. He gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. I have been through so many things and they did have a toll on my self-confidence, but honestly I was my biggest enemy. I was too hard on myself and put too much pressure and overwhelming standards on myself. I had to come to the conclusion that, “I am amazing. I am special. I am here for a higher purpose.” Please say that to yourself each day. It really helps like seriously. I have to do it more often. I also have to thank God for each day breathe is in my body because it could be so easily taken away. So, I am now in the present, August 26th, and I have 11 more days left until the genesis of senior year. Quite honestly, I am so excited. I am excited for prom, graduation, homecoming, Powerhouse lol and much more. I can’t wait for work honestly I really want to apply myself entirely. Like studying more often, immediate tutoring and getting more rest. I need to start developing good habits so I can be ahead of the game and have a solid method of maintaining my academics. I am also so excited for my 18th birthday! I really don’t know what I am going to do. To be honest, I’m really thinking about what I am going to get for my family and friends. Since this is my last year being with them, I really want to get them great gifts. Like my mom, dad, brother, grandma (who by the way has the same birthday as me lol), aunts and my friends Kareema and Nia. I really want to take care of them so they can feel how much I care for them. I hold them dearly to my heart. But for me, I don’t even know. I might wanna do a dinner. I got to find a really cute outfit. I gotta find a job to be honest. I mean, I’m super blessed to have parents who’ll cover me but I strive for independence. To be able to buy things on my own is a superpower that I would love to possess. So, if any of my readers know about open positions or anything please let a brother know! Lol! Got to shoot my shot while I still can lol. I know a job is nothing easy but I really want to be able to make some money for myself as little as it might be, it would be mine yakno. I just registered for my October SAT today. I’m excited but nervous. I really want to get even better at the math portions. If any of you guys have suggestions for that, I will gladly take your help. You can always dm me @fashunfiend on Twitter and Instagram! I am also attending Powerhouse again this year and I am quite nervous. I really don’t know what I am going to wear. I don’t know, maybe it will come to me. I did denim and Fendi. Maybe leather? Balenciaga? I don’t know. I am excited though. Maybe from my spontaneity, an outfit will result lol who knows. I also got some Nicki Minaj All Access Tour Passes. I’m super excited about them. Finally get to meet Nicki lol. Be on the lookout when I post in May lol (wink wink). But, in all seriousness, I can’t wait for senior year and I really want to enjoy my senior year. I will be successful in anything and everything I do. I really want to come out with a skincare line and I will have a dermatology/esthetician office in Philly. I’m speaking it into existence lol. Try it. It really works! I want to say thank you for reading my scrambled thoughts. This blog has to be one of my greatest creations ever! Thanks so much for reading! Later!!

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