The Acne Struggle


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Acne. Ughhh. The medical term is actually acne vulgaris, which is a skin condition that affects many teens and adults. It usually sprouts up by the time of puberty. I didn’t wanna put any crazy acne pics on here because I didn’t want to gross y’all out lol. But, acne is rough… extremely rough. I included those pictures above because I wanted to display the growth yet inconsistencies of my skin. So, to give a little history. I have always had hair like by the time I was in 5th grade, I had a full moustache. I thought it was cool but didn’t pay much mind to it. I didn’t know that where a hair follicle can grow, a pimple can occur. I had to have really gotten introduced to acne when I was about 13 years old. Acne really spreads like a wildfire. First, it typically starts with the forehead or cheek areas. Then it can spiral into on the nose, around the mouth, jawline, temple, T-zone, and can even go to the neck or back. It can become very overwhelming. So, in this post I wanted to share tips with you guys and also talk about my skin cuz it can be so frustrating. Okay, so I am gonna break down my stuff first. So, like I said I was about 13 when it started. Of course it was the forehead first. I was soooooo self-conscious. I already was struggling with accepting my looks, so the acne lowered my self-esteem even more. It was so hard to not catch glances in mirrors or yuck pop them (which by the way readers, plzzz do not do! Because you are damaging the skin severely and it could lead to hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin) and discoloration, so please be careful when popping. If you must, please apply a cotton pad covered in witch-hazel to the affected area so there wont be room for infection and it’ll lessen the harm greatly.) But yeah acne is rough. What made it worse was in my family, I didn’t have relatives with awful skin. My mom had excellent skin and so did my grandmother. My aunts, my dad and my brother. They went through acne but they got through it around the time that I began getting it lol. They already closed that horrid chapter of life. I didn’t know what was wrong with me so I felt like such an oddity. Something was wrong with me I thought. So, I did what any millennial would do in times of personal crisis. The internet, specifically YouTube. I researched countless methods to cure my acne. Majority of the Youtubers I watched were white, but I didn’t know back then that skin with melanin shouldn’t use too much harshness from products. Like benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient in acne medication to sufficiently dry out pimples. But, I learned that skin with melanin can’t take too much of benzoyl peroxide like 10% or 15% would be too harsh because it would strip the skin and can be over-drying. So, I learned that salicylic acid is a pretty good one for black and brown skin. It’s not too harsh and a pea-sized amount would suffice. By the way, if I am incorrect about that please let me know. My brain sometimes remembers bits and pieces but it sometimes forgets major deets lol. But, I digress, I did plenty of research to try and find the cure for my acne. Unfortunately, acne has no cure. In a dermatologist approved book I read, “The Doctor’s Secrets to a Lifetime of Great Skin”, it broke the news that acne cannot be cured. It can only be fought and many people have got great skin. Either due to genetics or a great skincare routine. They also said, “Acne never gives up, so you can’t either”. I remember crying and feeling so defeated because it felt like I could never be attractive. Simple things like taking pictures were so hard for me because I always had to check out my skin. It was so annoying because it felt like I couldn’t live or look at myself. I was so drained with trying new methods, new facial cleansers, new masks, new essential oils and just ughh so much stuff I couldn’t keep up. My mother took me to a dermatologist, which is a skin doctor, and she examined my skin and put me on Epiduo. Now, I ran out of Epiduo and now I have this phosphate gel treatment which is pretty ok. Epiduo makes your skin worse before it gets better. So, if you are thinking about Epiduo, the key word is PATIENCE. You have to be patient with a lot of these spot gel treatments because most treatments do not work overnight. Acne has so many layers to it and the bacteria takes a while to be eliminated from the skin. You have to be patient and know that you will have great skin! So, I am currently typing this post with a slight breakout and I’m kinda freaking out but I am not freaked out. I am at a point in my life where I am confident. I know that I am an attractive guy pimples or not! I have to walk with pride and not be afraid to show my gifts to the world. I know that my skin will be awesome, I am speaking it into existence. That’s another tip I wanna give to you guys. Love yourself first. That is something I am still learning to this day. It’s so important because just like makeup having a solid foundation really makes you. Being aware of your greatness is imperative to having a fulfilling life. Not knowing your worth is detrimental to your being. YOU ARE AWESOME! If nobody told you that, I did! You mean something to the world. So, don’t ever base yourself off of how your skin appears. You might have a bad breakout, or an annoying zit on your forehead. But, you’re really nice to people and you walk with such a confident stride. So always keep your head up, even on the darkest days you have to find that light. Well, I didn’t want this too long, but if you guys would like to know more tips or things that I have learned about acne please let me know. I can do another blog post or feel free to DM me @fashunfiend. I am so glad to be back for you guys and I hope y’all are having an awesome summer! Love you guys later!



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