IMG_8050 (1).PNGHey y’all! So I’m back at it again with the blogging! I really wanted to give you guys some feedback on my progress and everything and I also hope that I can give you guys some advice on when life feels stagnant or if it feels like things aren’t moving fast enough in your life. So, lately I have been on the prowl for jobs. Like really SEARCHING for something to stick yakno. So, I have really been on go and just going down 69th street trying to find somewhere close and easy. I would consider myself an adaptable person so I can really be in any type of environment. But, almost every place I went they hit me with the “You can go online. Can you leave your name and number. You can go to” Like omg! So, I do all of that and nothing happens. No callback, no stick. I don’t know if God is telling me to be patient and maybe job hunt later or am I not doing enough yakno. But, crazy enough shoutout to my friend Bea because I spoke with her earlier about it and she said “You really don’t need a job, we need to be focusing on college tours and stuff”. I completely forgot that I am officially a senior at my school. I am so hype. I am anxious about getting as many scholarships as possible. And for all my school peeps, check out FastWeb! So, I am nervous about getting a full-ride, but actually I am really anxious about being successful in general. I really just wanna continue to grow and prosper and make a great success out of myself. I really want to become a fashion journalist or even a fashion editor-in-chief. I really wanna send prayers and blessings to readers and I hope that your dreams and goals come to fruition. Just please keep grinding. Keep working through the stagnant moments. When it feels like life feels slower and things aren’t booming, please keep going! Keep striving for your dreams! Don’t take any moment lightly because it can easily be our last day. The thing that really makes me happy is seeing others succeed so I hope that all of you continue to keep working hard and keep hustling whether it be school, work or whatever you do. Keep striving! Thanks so much for reading and please contact me for suggestions on new posts! Thx for reading guys!


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