The Hiatus

Hey yall, so I am so sorry for my extended absence! I was so swamped with balancing schoolwork, prepping (somewhat) for the SATs, dealing with emotional problems and honestly being lazy and not pushing myself up to do something I love…THIS SITE! But, to all my readers I really want to spread the message that your work is paying OFF! For a while, it felt like I didn’t gain any personal growth but I actually did! I realized how strong I am from this break. I realized how smart I am and I really noticed how I challenge myself now and I don’t give up easily now. By this time next year I will be on my way to college and hopefully NYU or Howard. I am speaking it into existence! I also wanna wish luck to my readers in your academic endeavors or pursuits. It is okay if you don’t get accepted into every school or the school you wanted, because as corny as it sounds it’s God’s Plan (Drake plug). I hope and pray that NYU is in my future because I would just love to be there and really invest in my future of journalism. I would really love to be a fashion editor-in-chief or fashion journalist so I could talk about trends, give tips, get invited to New York Fashion Weeks and just be fashionable and most importantly HAPPY. If journalism doesn’t make me happy, I will find something because I have to — must be happy because I would hate to have a “job” when I truly desire a life fulfilling career. I am rambling so much lol but I really want to just share where my mind is at and give you guys an insider on how I am doing and stuff. Also, I would love to give you guys tips on whether it be studying, self care advice, college advice, job app process or just anything you guys would like to know more about. I want to say thank you again for reading because I am just so appreciative of the support and love. Thanks for reading! TTYL! Oh and leave comments too and let me know how you guys are liking the site.

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