13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review


Thirteen Reasons Why!!! Oh my god! This season two really just oooohhh lol I cant even speak it gave me so many more layers, details, aspects and hidden scenes I never knew occurred. I must say that this show is so well written and the actors’ deliveries are just the icing on the cake. The idea of having Hannah be this “ghost” in Clay’s mind is just genius. By doing this, Clay was able to convey his internal battle with letting Hannah go and also stomaching the fact that Hannah was not perfect. Her summer fling with Zach really shocked me I mean Hannah! But, I get it because Zach, at his core, is a very sweet, lovable and kind person and I can understand Hannah falling for him because Hannah just needed someone who would treat her nicely and not talk bad, betray or try to take advantage of her. Zach gave her a chance to lower her guards. Hannah’s grief and pain really runs deep and I can understand that she couldn’t carry around the weight. But, it was also very selfish of Hannah to just cut her life so short when people like her mom, dad and Clay really cared for her. The people (aka reasons why she killed herself) also cared for Hannah because deep down they connected to Hannah on some level and Hannah had this way of making you feel so comfortable that you would confide in her and trust her with your words. Hannah just had that innate empathetic nature and I am just so sad that more people won’t be able to enjoy all the gifts that Hannah had to offer. This season was also very graphic and touched on very serious issues like suicide, rape, consent to sexual intercourse, bullying, abuse, drugging young women, school shootings and just the rape culture in high school. In the last season, when Bryce (aka pig aka rapist aka trashperson) raped Hannah in the pool I was so sad for her and I thought that the show couldn’t possibly become more graphic than that. How aggressive he was with her. When I saw Hannah’s balled up fists unravel I realized that she was truly broken inside. She had no fight left in her. I didn’t wanna ruin it and say all the other reasons on why she committed suicide because I really want people who have not seen it to really enjoy it, but I felt so sad for her because she was just a body. It’s almost if when he did what he did he crushed her soul, her womanhood and just her being as a human. I really want to let people know that please talk to someone if something has happened. We have to take action when dealing with being abused or contemplating taking your own life because those things can really chip away at our spirits and self-esteem. Please talk to someone, and if that person doesn’t listen/hear you talk to someone else. But, tell someone or even journal but please get your feelings out there. I digress, back to 13 Reasons. Another gruesome scene I would like to discuss is when Monty (aka DL weirdo) violently attacked Tyler (aka school shooter) in the bathroom. So, after you’ve watched the first season you would learn that Tyler is a bit off. Taking pictures of people without their consent is weird especially when they are doing something freaky like when Hannah and Courtney kissed lol. So, Tyler was vibing with his new friend, Cyrus, who is a punk rock fan and a tad troubled but not as unbalanced as Tyler. Cyrus soon notices Tyler’s weirdness when Tyler basically curses out his sister, Mackenzie, who had a big crush on Tyler. Cyrus backs away from Tyler after this. I felt bad because I almost thought that Tyler will have a friend and his journey won’t be so lonely. I don’t wanna spoil it with what Tyler and Cyrus did but please watch because their input really contributed to the story. Back to the scene, so basically Monty is just mad at Tyler and comes in and bashes Tyler’s head in the mirror, then the sink, then shoves his head in the toilet, then when I thought it couldn’t get worse Monty actually tells the two friends that were with him to “Take his pants off!” Monty then takes about a 30-inch broom stick and brooms Tyler. Tyler made such a scream that was so painful and cringeworthy that it is extremely hard to watch. I was just covering my eyes when I watched this because we are human and we are all interconnected in some way. So when that was happening to Tyler, I just felt his pain and I could imagine the feeling of my head being bashed or a broom just ughhh omg! So gruesome! I don’t wanna give too too much but I just have to spill. So Bryce and some of his football team members ran this secret joint called “The Clubhouse”. This secret place was designed to get high school girls drunk and/or drugged so Bryce and his other buddies could rape and abuse them and the girls would be helpless. Sick right?!  So the case goes to trial and get this Bryce gets — 3 month probation! Omg are you serious not even jailtime, but probation really! Omg! I won’t spoil it with deets but it’s truly a terrific show and you should absolutely check it out on your sparetime. It comes on Netflix. Thanks so much for reading and please let me know about other topics I should cover. Thanks again guys!

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