Cardi B’s “Invasion Of Privacy” Review


It has happened! Sorry I’m so late, this was such a busy week and I had to get all my school stuff out of the way. But, let’s get to the real reason why you clicked: to see my opinion on Cardi B’s debut album Invasion Of Privacy.


I liked it! I thought that she did a really good job and she had some really good features. You can hear her growth as an artist with her tone of voice, cadence and flow switch ups. “Best Life featuring Chance the Rapper” and “She Bad featuring YG 4Hunnid” has to be my two fave songs off the EP. “Drip feat. Migos” also was very impressive and a nodworthy bop. “Get Up 10” gave me the underdog Meek Mill vibe which I really liked. I think there will be a collaboration between Meek and Cardi because they seem like kindred spirits. I also loved “Thru Your Phone” mainly because of the hook and Cardi tweeted that she sing the chorus on the song and I was really surprised because she sounded really good singing. “Bickenhead” is a definite bop and it had a cool 90’s flow. I went and researched and she sampled Project Pat and La Chat’s “Chickenhead” song. She also used rapper Too $hort’s beat. “I Do featuring SZA” is also a club banger and SZA has this amazing skill to make catchy, memorable melodies and hooks. This was a match made in heaven. “I Like It featuring Bad Bunny and J.Balvin” is a Latin-influenced smash and it gave me Celia Cruz vibes. I also remember when she was wearing this headwrap and dress and it looked as if it was a video shoot. I think the video for “I Like It” will be coming soon since it seems to be a very popular song and it currently has 2.5 million views. So I think the fans have decided that this will be the next heavily promoted song. “Ring featuring Kehlani” was a smooth, reflective type of song. I like how Cardi gave me balance with her uptempo songs. I looovveee “Bartier Cardi featuring 21 Savage”. Seven words. “I put hot sauce on my chicken!” I actually like “Be Careful” probably because it samples Lauryn Hill and I really dig the beat. I love it sonically like it’s very unique. Lastly, “Money Bag” and “Bodak Yellow” will get the summer lit all over again. “Money Bag” surprised me because her flow and her lyrics just really impressed me. Overall, I would rate this album 7/10. I liked it and now I expect even more heat from her in the future. You did it Bardi! But what do you guys think? Was it trash? Was it full of bops that you didn’t even skip through? What was your fave song off the album? Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for reading y’all! Also, let me know what topics y’all would like me to touch on for the site. Talk to you later guys!

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