Bartier Cardi Video Drops This Monday on This Week’s Episode of LHHA

cardi-b-promo-2018-tgj-600x603It is official! Cardi B is finally dropping her video for her hit song “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage. The video will premiere during this Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. There was some controversy about the video dropping because a few weeks ago, there was promotion for her video on VH1 and we were told the video would drop weeks ago on a Love and Hip Hop episode. When this didn’t happen, it didn’t go unnoticed. I believe Cardi blamed the label for the delay of the video. But, this week it is official because Cardi posted it and promoted it herself.

She looks gorgeous! From the looks of the video, she seems to take inspiration from Madonna’s “Material Girl” with the luxurious and curve-hugging attire. I think the video will add even more to the effect of the song. I also love the creativeness they are implementing into Cardi’s look. Even her “Be Careful” cover art was very cute and very artsy. I expect straight bops from her album and I am super excited! This Friday! Can’t wait! What do you guys think? Will it be a phenomenal debut? Or a highly anticipated flop? Thanks so much for reading guys!

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