New Music: Cardi B – Be Careful


I wanna deeply apologize for leaving you guys unfed for the past couple days. The laziness and procrastination got to me y’all! Lol, but I’m back and I missed out on telling y’all so much dirt. Since I’m so late I am going to give y’all the most recent news. So Cardi has dropped y’all! Not her full length project, but another single. Her full length project Invasion of Privacy drops on April 6th. So be on the lookout. 


This single however doesn’t have her usual up-tempo beat. The song’s beat seems very techno-electronically sounding. Cardi raps along the beat with a heartbroken cadence. Her lyrics speak off giving her love to someone who treated her any kind of way. Could she be talking about her ex. Or maybe even Offset did her dirty at times and she wanted to put it in song. Well, either way I do like the song. It’s very unexpected of her to go this route and I think when she drops her debut album the song will grow on people. Please guys let me know what y’all think. Bop or flop? Could it be better? Is this a side of Cardi we would want to see more of? Will the album deliver more fire like Bartier Cardi and Bodak Yellow. Thanks for reading guys and I will include the song below. 

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