Roxanne, Roxanne (Review)


My mom brought this to my attention. We first watched the trailer about a month ago because my mom knows about Roxanne Shante. I had heard of her but didn’t know her or her story. Her story is extremely powerful. Roxanne was a straight battle rapper from Queensbridge, NY (same as Nas). If you were good or thought you were good, you had to battle Shante because she was just the best around. She grew up with 3 other sisters and an alcoholic mother who was often verbally abusive to her. Her mother was wronged by men so she inadvertently planted seeds in Shante’s head that “All men lie and cheat”. She presented her daughters with the narrative, “Don’t expect much from a man because you will be disappointed”. So, Roxanne subconsciously carried that. She already was going through poverty with her family, abuse from her mom and she would later go through even more trials and tribulations. Her music career, relationships, and … I don’t want to spoil it but please check this out. It is a must see and has heavy hitters like Nia Long and Mahersala Ali. Please let me know your thoughts on the film? Did you like? Was it informative and told you a lot about Roxanne? Did you know about Roxanne prior to the film? Please leave any thoughts. It is currently on Netflix. Thanks for listening guys talk to you soon. 



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