I first want to say that I am so sorry for my absence on the blog. Over the weekend, I was so lazy and didn’t push myself to get on this laptop and type because so much has happened over the course of these few days. So, my friend Jayla, who I love to death, sends me celebrity news for my blog and this morning she sent quite the shock. Now we all know that the “Is Rihanna pregnant” rumors have been circulating for some time now. People say that the father is a man she has been linked with by the name of Hassan Jameel. He is actually supermodel Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend. Riri and Naomi actually unfollowed each other soon after photos of Ri and Hassan were leaked over the internet. They were kissing in a pool and I think they had no idea they were being shot or filmed. 

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It’s kind of sad how they (Ri and Naomi) just unfollowed each other. Maybe Naomi didn’t rock with Rihanna talking to one of her exes. Really unfortunate because I would always see Naomi come show love to Ri after her performances or fashion shows. But, I digress. So like I said my friend Jayla sent me news about Ri. I don’t know the name of the article or site, but it reads “For months there has been speculation that pop superstar Rihanna was pregnant – well it’s no longer JUST SPECULATION. We now have evidence suggesting that RIH IS IN FACT PREGNANT. Yesterday Rihanna was spotted in Ibiza taking a TOP SECRET photoshoot. And she was CLEARLY sporting a baby bump.” Now, I am not sure if this is true because we know too well how deceptive media can be. But, if this is true this would be so amazing! I know she wants a family and settle down because she’s been solo for a hot minute. I honestly thought she would reconnect to Chris by now, but I don’t think that will ever happen lol. But, if she’s really doing a baby bump shoot and really having this baby that would be so great for her because then she would have a little Riri to look after. Her and Hassan seemed to have a lot of chemistry from the photos and Ri needs a guy who is cultured but still down to earth and he seems like that guy. Either way I am so happy for Ri. She would be the dopest mommy ever lol. I really want to know what do you guys think? Is she really pregnant? Is this another false pregnancy rumor? Would her and Hassan be a nice couple? Please leave any commentary or feedback on how you guys are liking the site! Thanks for reading talk to you soon!





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