Offset’s Alleged Baby Mother Celina Powell Gives Birth To Her Child “Karma”

My friend Jayla also sent me this story as well. I actually saw this on YouTube on Friday evening I believe. So if you guys don’t remember this woman named Celina Powell alleged that Offset of the popular band, Migos, is the father of her child. Well Celina gave birth to “Karma Kiari” on March 23rd, 2018. Celina is so shady because for those who don’t know Offset’s actual name is KIARI! SECURE THAT BAG SIS LOL! Now let me give you the facts of this story then I will give my opinion.

According to Gossip Too Much, “Celina Powell, the woman who claimed she was pregnant with Offset’s child, gives birth. In the tail end of 2017, a woman by the name of Celina Powell claimed that she was pregnant with Offset’s child. The issue was that this wasn’t the first time that she’s known to fake pregnancies in the past. However, this time she insisted that it wasn’t a joke. Reports surfaced saying that Offset and Cardi B don’t belive it’s true. Whether it’s Offset’s child or not is still determined but Celina Powell took to Instagram to reveal that she’s given birth to a baby girl. 

Celina Powell has given birth to her child and it looks like she’s still adamant that it’s Offset’s. She shared a picture of her baby holding her finger with the caption, “Karma Kiari. You came early & mommy LOVESSSSS you! 03/23/18 best day of my whole life.” She then posted another photo on her Instagram story that simply said, “Karma K. Cephus.” For those of you unaware, Offset’s government name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus. So her child middle name and last name is taken from Offset’s. She’s a hot mess, she really named her daughter #Karma, #DisTewMuch.”

Crazy right! Now just name the child Karma Kiari Cephus. MY GOD! This is just tew much like she has had a history of false pregnancies, so she already has stigma surrounding the actual paternity of her baby but to just outright name him after Offset! THAT WAS A REACH! All she should’ve done was name the baby something cute and regular but NOOOOO she wants to go for the kill from the jump! Some of these chicks yo shaking my head! 

So Offset and Cardi both put their two-cents into the whole Celina Powell situation. Offset tweeted on March 24th, 2018, “@xocelina187 I don’t know dis hoe stop lying on me weirdo.” I am cracking up yo! He is still not claiming the baby and I’m not mad at him but she has a pattern of making false accusations. Celina then refuted Offset’s statement by posting their alleged “DMs” that they have been in communication. So I honestly don’t know what to believe so I will let you guys be the judge.

Cardi B also put her bid in on Celina as well. A video of Celina and her real baby father has been surfaced of them doing a radio interview back when she was pregnant. The host asked her man if he was the baby’s father and he said YES and Celina didn’t deny it. Cardi B left a comment on the video saying, “she’s a dumb b*tch.” with the smiling emoji. LOL. I love Cardi she is so petty.

This entire thing is just a mess like Celina I feel like she is being dishonest and wanting that big rapper check from Offset. But, sis just be good with what you have like he is not just going to claim and take care of a child that does not belong to him. YOURE CRAZY! But, I want y’all to remember Offset was caught with those cheating allegations so it could be fair game. Maybe him and Celina had an actual relationship we may never know. I really wanna get a good discussion going in the comments. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. Is this actually Offset’s baby? Is Celina just looking for a come-up? Will Cardi be a stepmother to little Karma Kiara lol? Thanks for reading guys talk to you very soon. 

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