Check it Out: DaniLeigh

dani Screen-Shot-2018-02-14-at-12.06.10-PMDaniLeigh-1-1DaniLeigh-3

So over this weekend I had an awesome chilling session. On Saturday morning, I had to help clean the house because my aunt and grandma were coming over from Jersey. I love music when I am cleaning and ironically my mom had the music channel playing music while I was cleaning the bathroom. I came downstairs and heard this song that I felt like I heard before. When I looked at the musicians’ name and song title I saw “DaniLeigh – All I Know”. This song sampled singer Deniece Williams song “Free” which explains those feelings of nostalgia when you hear the chorus. I fell in love with song and I wanted to learn more about the artist. DaniLeigh is A Miami-born Dominican singer and dancer. “I finally came out of my shell when I started doing covers and putting them out on YouTube when I was 14,” she remembers. “After steadily building a loyal fanbase, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011, where she was later discovered by Prince and worked on his “Breakfast Can Wait” video: “I was 18, and that was my very first, big directing gig.” DaniLeigh has since racked up experience dancing on stage, alongside the likes of Meghan Trainor, Pitbull and Pharell, in addition to playing lead dancer in music videos for Daddy Yankee, Nelly Furtado, and TimeFlies, eventually signing to Def Jam at the start of 2017.” I think that is so cool that at 18 she directed a Prince video like sometimes people see a light/spark in people and I love that Prince was humble enough to let her direct. This reminds me of Teyana Taylor because at 16 she helped direct the choreography for Beyoncé’s “Ring the Alarm” music video. These girls just had talent that these big time superstars picked up on. While I was retwisting my locks, I just played her EP Summer With Friends. It is so good like y’all have to check it out. There is seven tracks and each track showcases a different facet of her artistry. Please check her out!

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