Rich the Kid’s Wife Files For Divorce, Blac Chyna is the Cause?


So Rich the Kid, the new rapper taking the scene with his hit song “New Freezer”, has allegedly been cheating on his wife, Antoinette Willis, with many socialites such as Blac Chyna, India Love, Tori Brixx, Bria Mycles, and Miracle Watts. Now, I recently saw this story while I was scrolling down my timeline but I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed and start typing lol. But I am back now. So, when I saw this story I was baffled because his soon to be ex-wife really aired out all of his dirty laundry on his own Instagram account! Sis threw @ names and allat like I was caught off guard. It feels like every other day Chyna is in some type of controversy or messiness. I feel bad for her. But, for those who don’t know let’s break down the facts. 

rich the kid and wife.jpg

According to, “The news follows cheating rumors and accusations. Willis, who also goes by Lady Luscious, recently took Rich the Kid to task over alleged affairs with models Blac Chyna, India Love, Tori Brixx, Bria Myles, and Miracle Watts on Instagram. It’s unclear when Rich the Kid and Willis married. They’re rumored to have one child together, according to the report, but Willis claimed they have two kids in a post that has since been deleted.

Their relationship has been rocky. In addition to cheating rumors, Willis accused Rich of domestic violence in 2016. He reportedly denied the allegations at the time saying, “Beat up females? No. I don’t do that. I’ve never put my hand on a female in my life.”
Rich the Kid is currently prepping his debut album, The World Is Yours, which will feature Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and more, when it arrives June 30.” 

I just think this is such a messy situation you know. I do like Rich because of “New Freezer” but I had no idea he had so much baggage. Cheating and domestic abuse allegations. MY GOD, MY GOD lol. This is just so crazy. I hope it’s not true I mean Rich seems like a cool enough guy and not a lot of guys marry their girls so I thought that was a pretty upstanding move. Or could this all be a publicity stunt so we can keep our eyes on him for his upcoming album? If so, this is some awful publicity like it’s not beneficial to him at all and makes him seem like a crappy dude who is for everybody yakno.

So I hope it isn’t true and I feel like some people are misusing social media. Social media is not a place for you to air out your personal relationships and business. The purpose of social media was plain self-promotion. Promoting your business or hustle to receive exposure. The lines are so blurred nowadays and people are posting their drama and beefs on social media like it’s not the place for that and to be honest people are not going to carry your personal drama because they already have their own. So I just pray this messiness subsides and we can get back to receiving heat from Rich and I saw that Kanye will be executive producing his debut album but I don’t know if that’s a false rumor. Please let me know you guys thoughts and you can also direct message me from my Instagram below. I believe that you have to login into your Instagram on your Safari because I’m not sure if it takes you guys to my account successfully, so please let me know if not. Thanks for reading guys! More to come soon! By the way, one of my fave rapper and current obsessions, Saweetie, actually read and liked my blog post about her EP High Maintenance after I reached out to her on Instagram, and I am so hype.!Thank God! This is only the beginning. 



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