Saweetie – High Maintenance (Review)


I want to apologize in advance for being so late with this review info. I was so preoccupied with school stuff I forgot to give a review on rapper Saweetie’s project High Maintenance. I like it! First off, her cover is gorgeous. She already gives the vibe that she is a very rich chick and carries herself highly. I want to dismiss any doubt in your mind that she is just a pretty girl because she is so much more. She has a great flow and such a rawness that the music industry can deflee use someone like her. She has this coolness about her like she gives Foxy Brown vibes with furs, Chanel glasses and expensive cars. I love her swag and I’ll never forget how I just saw her on IG last year. I saw this beautiful woman strutting in this gorgeous dress. She just exuded confidence and this attitude of “I know I look good” and I love seeing that attitude in women especially black women. I hope she has a great career and her peak is yet to come mark my words! Please check out her project it is a deff vibe and has plenty of bops for any kind of mood. I will include the project below. Let me know what you guys think. Was it good? Trash? Is she a force to be reckoned with? Thanks for reading guys!

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