Michael Blackson Breakfast Club Interview


On March 14th, The Breakfast Club 105.1 FM conducted an interview with the comedian and actor Michael Blackson. Michael Blackson has been in the public eye for quite a long time. Michael Blackson was born in Ghana and he moved to Southwest Philly in his preteen years. Michael is extremely funny and he actually was brought up with Kevin Hart due to their Philly backgrounds. We all know Kevin as a superstar but Michael also has star quality about him. He says that his African accent comes out onstage because when he goes to perform he is angry lol. I think this is a way to pump himself up for the show and display energy to the crowd because he is a very energetic comic. Michael gave a lot of details about his personal upbringing, comedic origins, relationship with Kevin and why he bidded on Kev for the big cheating scandal. Michael simply put it, “Kev and I are comedians so I thought he would understand”. If you don’t already know Kevin was offended by Michael’s comedic commentary on his cheating situation since he knew Michael and felt betrayed by him. I personally think Kevin was being over-sensitive and mind you that it was Kevin who broke the news that he cheated on his current wife, Eniko Hart, so why would you get mad at a fellow comedian for doing what he does best? It makes no sense and for Kevin to air out his personal beef with Michael on the Breakfast Club was extremely corny to me. I am going to include Kevin’s video that sparked the controversy in the first place, Michael’s commentary, Kevin’s response to Michael’s comments and Michael’s interview with the Breakfast Club where he discusses Kevin and many other topics.

So I really want to get a discussion going in the comments. What do y’all think did Kevin overreact? Did Michael go too far? Was this all a misunderstanding? All opinions are welcome! Thank you for listening guys talk to you soon!

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