A Bad Jawn Was Born Today: Jhene Aiko

IT’S JHENE BIRTHDAY! I love Jhene so much! She is the Sade/Tupac of our time. Her lyrics are always thought-provoking and strangely relatable. “Don’t be scared of my aggression, just don’t get the wrong impression. Every other day’s a different game that you just can’t win. Change is inevitable. Yeah, you hear me, you don’t feel me, though. So you just go around breaking hearts just to see what is inside.” These are all Instagram-worthy captions that you use to throw subs at your exes or ex-friends. I love Jhene because the elements of solemnity and artistry she brings to music. She puts her all into her music and it is truly her art. She has been an artist for quite a while she even had affiliations with the boy group B2K. I first heard about Jhene through my mom who saw her album through Instagram. Drake had reposted her project Sail Out and I remember just thinking, “Who is this girl?” The first song I saw was “3:16 A.M.” and it was very eerie and not my favorite. It wasn’t until I saw “The Worst” that I realized Jhene is here to stay. 

Ever since then I have seen Jhene as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Today, we celebrate her and her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, gave her a sweet message on social media. Shortly after rumors of their alleged breakup. Sean and Jhene dispelled these rumors recently and this message to Jhene solidified their status as a cute couple.

“Happy Birthday my Pisces Queen,” he wrote. “I love you the most forever! U mean the world and more and thanks for all the inspiration and light you give to us all! 3:16 baby!”- Big Sean 

Jhene turned 30 today! Wow, my babies are growing up. Rihanna turned 30 this year as well. It’s crazy how you grow up with these stars and they grow before your eyes. Happy birthday Jhene! Turnup! Sturdy Thirties! I am going to include some of my favorite songs by Jhene below! Thanks for listening y’all.


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