Kash Doll – Brat Mail (Review)


KASH DROPPED! Her EP titled Brat Mail was released just yesterday on her birthday, March 14th. I was so pumped for her to drop because everybody loves Kash and she really can rap. She’s so beautiful, stylish and mature. She just turned 26 I believe. 

Okay y’all so the EP has nine tracks. I am mad because I wish it was even longer. I loved each track especially ‘Check’. Her lyrics as always are Instagram caption-worthy and awe-inspiring. “I’m a hustler, she’s a whore, I’m Gucci, she’s Michael Kors, I got the juice I got the flare, you can’t compete you don’t compare!” FACTS SIS! They can’t compete, they don’t compare!

Please check it out it is listen-worthy and if you don’t like Kash I think your perspective can possibly be altered. Her wit, charm and confidence is really something we should all take away from her as a person. LOVE YOU KASH! I will include her songs below. 

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