SZA Reveals That The ‘Ctrl’ Deluxe Edition Will Have at Least 6 New Songs

sza_ctrl_pressimage_custom-e854108fee9ca6f2f4df927fee266110cd49c276-s1200.jpgI am so excited for this ‘Ctrl’ deluxe album. It has been reported that SZA is readying 6 new songs to add to her already incredible debut album. 

“Recently, Solana mentioned the re-release after a fan asked her to include an alternate version of “Love Galore” on it. “Yah,” she replied. “got about 6 bonus tracks so far we got room ta add.” This was reported by 

According to Rap-Up, “The Grammy-nominated singer has been hinting at the deluxe version for a few months. She shared an unreleased track in August, saying that a video was shot and edited for it already. “regret not putting it on the album,” she added. “Das wat da delux is foe.”

SZA actually dropped an Instagram video of a preview of “Love Galore” with her original verse on it instead of Travis’ verse. I loved it! Hopefully she drops that version along with her other 6 new songs.

It’s fiyah right! She needs to stop playing with my vitals and just drop it! Like now SZA are you finished or are you done! What do y’all think? Will SZA bring even more heat out on Ctrl (Deluxe) or is it as good as it can get. Let me know y’all. Thanks for listening. Talk to you soon. 

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