Juelz Santana Flees Airport After TSA Finds Gun

OH NO NOT JUELZ! If you don’t already know Juelz Santana is a Harlem rapper who is a member of the East-Coast hip hop group, The Diplomats. He is best known for his song “There It Go (The Whistle Song)”. 

That used to be the song! I can’t even whistle but I tried my hardest when this song came on. Anyway, now that the introduction is out of the way let’s address the story. This past Friday, Juelz tried going through a security screening Newark Liberty International Airport … with a gun. “The rapper/actor tried going through the screening when the screener saw a firearm in the x-ray/tunnel … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. 

“Apparently Santana knew what was up, and he booked it, fleeing the airport. Cops from the Port Authority PD are now on the hunt for Santana. Bringing a weapon to an airport security checkpoint is an arrestable offense and if the gun is loaded the fine approaches $10k.”

This is just crazy I mean what in the world Juelz. I am cracking up now because I am just imagining him booking it out of the airport when the gun got found. Like Juelz is out of pocket. He’s a celebrity so he should’ve kept in mind that his moves will be watched and now it’s just humiliating because you’re already in the public eye. I would’ve just paid the fine and why didn’t his security guards keep a gun for him instead if he was worried about that. Ughh! I am deflee going to keep my eyes on this story though. Take a look. 

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