So Blac Chyna Got With Who?

Blac Chyna has been consecutively losing. My GOD! First, Rob exposes her all over social media and Meechie and her become the biggest laughing stocks of 2017. Then, Chyna has a leaked sextape with an unknown man. It was so trash and it was not worth typing about lol. Now let me give you guys the rundown of what’s going on now. So we all know Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd. “NO FLEX ZONE!” Remember, ok. So, Swae was dating a beautiful woman by the name of Marliesa Ortiz. Marliesa and Swae are no longer together. Marliesa claims that Chyna had a hand in this. On March 6th, Marliesa made some accusations on her Instagram story. I actually saw this last night and didn’t even peep. I didn’t know all of the deets like I do now. Well, take a look as to what Marliesa had to say about Chyna on Instagram.

Marliesa wrote ” “You love sucking people ni**as d***s huh? @blacchyna,” she wrote. “Y’all can have each other. @swae lee.” 

SHOTS FIRED! BOP! BOP! BOP! (Chyna falls to ground due to AK-47 shots being fired lol)

Now Marliesa did not have to do that. That was petty beyond petty to kick someone while they’re done. But, sis did not stop there.

She then posted a video of her on Instagram twerking with an enormous fake butt with the caption “Maybe he’ll like me with an ass like this,” she captioned the clip. Lol I cannot Tameka. Check it out:


Swae Lee has not addressed the Chyna rumors, but appeared to point to his ex-girlfriend on social media on Tuesday (March 6).
“I live by the sativa lyrics so if you making it too complicated might be time for me to say adios ..ain’t no average nigga out here and I haven’t forgot that so if you ain’t down 100% hit that door,” he tweeted. “I shouldn’t have to question if your down for me.” This morning, he added: “Finances ,friends & family , Love Life, mental well-being , under control 👌🏽.”

Classic celeb guys. They give a vague, “want good vibes” response like come on. But to be honest I wouldn’t want to claim Chyna in these streets either. She’s out of pocket. 

This is just ughhh! To be honest the cause of all this Chyna mess is … TYGA! If Tyga wouldn’t have dropped her for Kylie maybe she wouldn’t be acting the way she does. I feel bad for her because she is not a dumb girl, she is college educated. I want her to overcome this and be a businesswoman and stomp over the men who counted her out. It is almost as if she is complacent in her role of playing the “promiscuous girl” that gets passed around by the guys. I hope this isn’t true, but I have a feeling it is. I say that because guess who she is with now?! YBN Almighty Jay! If you don’t know he is an 18 year old rapper! Mind you Chyna is 29 years old. SIS WHAT IS YOU DOING! Like c’mon get it together.

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But, what do yall think? Do you think Chyna tried to shoot her shot with Swae? You think Marliesa was doing too much? Why does Chyna mess with immature men? Please let me know y’all. Thank you so much for listening. Hope you have a great day and be on the lookout for the latest posts by subscribing at the bottom of the site. See you later y’all.

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