Kash Doll & Saweetie Are Dropping Their Projects!

The heat is on the way ya’ll. These ladies have been cooking and they’re ready to show their stuff. First, Kash is dropping her highly anticipated EP Brat Mail on March 14th (which is also her birthday) and I am so excited for her. Y’all all know I love Kash. She has everything: the bars, the look and the swag. I know she is going to give us heat and since this Nicki drought we need to feel a feminine presence in this rap game so let’s get it! Now, I don’t know if this move was strategized but Saweetie (aka Icy Girl) is also dropping her EP High Maintenance on March 16th. I hope Warner Bros. (the label she is signed to) didn’t make her put out her project to try to compete with Kash. I hope not because we really need to see black female unity. Like in the 90s, Kim, Missy, Da Brat, Left-Eye, Queen Latifah, Eve, Foxy, Rah Digga, YoYo, MC Lyte, etc. are all from the female unity era and I would really love for that to occur in our generation with Nicki, Cardi, Kash, Asian Doll, Tink, Cuban Doll, Dej Loaf, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, and I don’t know about Remy because she is sooooo petttyyyy lol! So I wish these ladies the best when it comes to dropping their projects. I hope it is received well and all I ask is to get straight bangers. So what do you guys think? Will these projects make up for Nicki’s absence? Why hasn’t Cardi dropped her album yet? Do you think she is waiting for Nicki to drop? I think so because they always have women compete because it is a patriarchal society. I do wish people would realize that there is room for everyone and we can all have our own respective lanes and be successful. Thanks for listening guys! Talk to you soon!

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